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  1. I will agree w/ above post. Working in a large corp, you do not have alot of say in whats going on. In the smaller environments you have more of a chance to deal with issues head on. Around here a typical day 100 - 200 phone calls from customers that are asking normal questions my computer is broke how do i fix and stuff related.
  2. look into clark connect. pro version $85 per year w/ a $25 /yr intrusion detection system for the low budget range, also is ready to go with close to nothing for configuration. they have a community version that is free but u will still need to buy an intrusion license at 30$/yr clarkconnect.com
  3. so after three days of putting w/ it i finally figured it out. I now have a zfs avs iscsi data store. for live data backup. Woot +1 for me lol. quoted
  4. these are the ones we are using http://demarctech.com/products/reliawave-o...e-8585-kit.html
  5. lol that's why i always use silicone around the edges of the box its in. iv only had two fail on me in the 3 years I been using it in the outside environment. Getting to the point of replacing them with new one just cause of age.
  6. well its still cheaper then buying a Sonic Wall lol ;). RouterBOARD 433' with Atheros 300Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, three LAN, three MiniPCI, NAND Storage with RouterOS Level 4 (AP support)$99 802.11a/b/g High Power miniPCI card (with U.fl connector)$59 (2)2.4-5.8 GHz Swivel Antenna with cable and U.fl connector $30 $188 or if u want it in a case niversal RB600A Indoor case (4 holes for Nfemale Bulkhead connectors or AC/SWI Swivel antennas) $20 $208
  7. u can look into mikrotik. that's what we are running here. As our main gateway. (to the oc48) http://www.mikrotik.com/ should be able to do everything u need. upnp http://www.mikrotik.com/testdocs/ros/2.9/ip/upnp.php admin guide http://www.mikrotik.com/testdocs/ros/3.0/
  8. lol well thats how u go about fixing the corrupted registry... but yea just get your data off first before trying to repair the corrupted registry.
  9. just use barts pc Version 1.03 3-Jan-08 where x: is the XP boot drive Barts PE 2config = CD to x:\windows32\system\config 2sysvol = CD to x:\System Volume Information copy1 = copy snapshot files to x:\1 copy2 = copy x:\1 snapshot files to x:\…\config SetPath = Set path to CD:\XPREGFX automaticly, if not run: setpath Cddrive where CDdrive is the cdrom Drive letter no colon 1. Barts Menu: GO, Command Prompt (CMD). Prompt will be X:\i386\system32 2. CD \ 3. SetPath 4. ?: computer boot drive. Normal C: 5. MD \1 To be used in COPY1 6. 2CONFIG a. Should be in the registery directory ?:\windows\system32\config b. MD YYMMDD - Make directory todays date. Where YY=year, MM=month, DD=day c. COPY *.* YYMMDD - Copy all files to it. Just in case 7. 2sysvol System Volume Information 8. CD _RESTO~1 (normal _resto~1 is only directory, I have see _restor~2 too) It will be _restore{lots of number} 9. DIR to find the newest RPxxx directory which is the largest number 10. CD RPxxx remember you can't backspace pass the endline. 11. CD SNAPSHOT If there is no SNAPSHOT directory pick another in step 10 CD .. to go back to 10 12. If you do a DIR you will see_REGISTRY_MACHINE_xxx (4 files) and REGISTRY_USER_.DEFAULT. If there is none or one is a zero size go back to step 10 and pick another one. 14. COPY1 COPY registry files to directory \1 you made in step 5 your should have 5 files DEFAULT SAM SECURITY SOFTWARE SYSTEM If you don't your have to use different RPxxx directory. Delete these files first I save them here because the last thing you do is set back to the last restore point, and I had corrupted restore points. 15. COPY2 copies the files to the C:\windows\systm32\config folder 16. EXIT 17. RESTART to normal windows. !YOU MUST GO BACK TO RESTORE POINT, so program and registry match! 18. Click Start and then click All Programs 19. Click Accessories and then click System Tools 20. Click System Restore and then click Restore to a previous Restore Point. The last one created. 21. If it all works then remove C:\1 Restore corruptions I have seen is 1. 5% Bad hard drive or bad memory 2. 5% Virus 3. 10% Adware 4. 80% Unknown regfix.rar
  10. u can use ubcd and extract the boot loader from the cd to get u a bootable environment for muliboot.
  11. so i been experimenting w/ zfs and iscsi allready and have it currently working w/ solaris and esxi/ windows systems. I been trying to find a way of including avs into the mix avs is Sun StorageTek Availability Suite. http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/avs/...9CE8DC479389E2A has anyone had any experiance w/ this? I would like to have a live offsite backup but have not been able to get the remote mirror working. sndradm -e localhost /dev/rdsk/c2d0s1 /dev/rdsk/c2d0s0 server1 /dev/rdsk/c2s0s1 /dev/rdisk/c2s0s0 ip sync cant no open /dev/rdsk/c2d0s1 any idea?
  12. simplest solution to make a sub and call the commands u want to run. I was assuming that u wanted a nice gui front end yes? example of usage.
  13. u can allways use vb.net. and call them though that...
  14. iv been looking for a oid class for vb.net. Im building a snmp monitor application, and have had issues trying to locate an open source snmp class for getting and setting oids. only thing i have found so far is active sockets and well that's not free and i don't have the money to pay for it. any ideas? atm im using snmpget.exe that is embeded in the exe that is extracted when it boots. but i would like to replace that w/ a snimple snmp class. that will do the same thing.
  15. what we do here at the shop is boot into a bootable barts disk. goto the system32 and look for files that do not have a date delete them seeing there malware, also sort by date and move the ones that look weird to a new folder, then we will check the drivers folders and do the same, then delete the temps for windows, ie, user, ect. then will go into alluser, local system, and network accounts and make shure that there is nothing missing in there temps as well... then ill reboot into safe mode and install malwarebytes update it, w/ cd let it run remove crap it finds then ill install avast tell it to scan on reboot install update for it and reboot the pc then will log into normal mode and then run malwarebytes again and see if i missed anything if nothing returns remove avast if customer wants it removed defrage hdd and set on the shelf for customer
  16. just use snmp to obtain the password. ;) usaly the small isps like that do not include a private snmp community string. so using private will allow u to walk the router for there user name and password for the unit. when the modem comes online it sends a broadcast packet to the cmts (cable modem termination system) asking for an ip, tftp server, and config file to download. in the config file tells the modem what the speeds are, snmp, passwords, ect. miT is right on the legality part... but that's where a lot of people go wrong editing the speeds.... anyways, the likely hood of editing the speeds are not good. seeing there signed w/ md5, then depending on the isp the config will check to make sure the macs and the certs on the modem match. some configs now have a dynamic secrete of witch changes when u save the config. causing u not to be able to log into the network.
  17. the wifi on my acer one died as well... just replaced it. call acer up and they wanted me to send the unit in.... talked the guy out of it and then he said he was goiong to ship the part out........ he shiped the os install disk but no wifi card. im wondering if there is an issue w/ the wifi cards in the acer one.
  18. dw5304

    Clark Connect

    have to say i love clark connect exp for muli wan ;). only distro that has dhcp on all interfaces. that i have found so far.
  19. dw5304

    linux firewall

    thanks for the replies i am lookng into the ipcop
  20. whats is the best linux firewall?
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