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/me needs money so I'm selling stuff


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AMD Sempron 2800+ + Original Heatsink and Fan

($35.00 Shipped *with HSF*)

Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz (400MHz Bus) Socket 478 CPU

($45.00 Shipped)

Intel Desktop Board VC820 Motherboard + Pentium 3 733 MHz ( Slot 1 CPU | Board Uses RDRAM +256 RDRAM)

($50 Shipped O.B.O)

Radeon 7500 64MB DDR DVI VGA SVIDEO out

($25.00 shipped)

Radeon 9250SE 128MB DDR DVI VGA SVIDEO out

($30 Shipped)

will have pics of the 7500 and 9250 tomorrow

anyone interested in anything? or know of places besides craigslist and ebay to sell? what about prices? seem resealable?

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Sorry guys, I have to put this here:

11. The Hak5 forums aren't eBay, but if you want to try and hock your widgets here feel free and keep it in 'everything else'. We don't claim responsibility when it comes to transactions between users or anything of that nature.

Carry on

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Great place to sell/buy/trade.

You'll need to sign up with something other than a gmail/hotmail/yahoo email though.

(Keeps the rif-raf out apparently)

use a msfirefox.com mail adress :P

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I still think there needs to be an auction forum.

Having one of these would encourage the idea that the Cast and forum staff might, in some small way, be vaguely responsible for it. As it stands, we're not and have no desire to have to deal with the monumental shit storm that would result from a sufficiently large enough sale going south. Plus, there has only been a handful of sales done over the forums anyway and the current system seems to be dealing with them nicely.

As for a separate tech trading forum, it would be a nice idea but ebay has done it already. They've spent a large amount setting a system up that for the most part, works quite smoothly. Trying to replicate that for a niche audience would be a waste of capital. But, you could just use a forum to trade on ebay with a limited, private group of people, ie just leach there services.

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