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Bypass ISP Torrent Throttleing


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Im having problems getting good download speeds using torrents, after a few minutes googleing I found that my ISP provider (Tiscali) throttles down torrents, Im using uTorrent 1.6 and im not getting more than 20kb/s which is quite typical for other torrents ive downloaded. Where as I normally get 100kb/s downloading normally 120kb/s on a good day.

Is there any way i can bypass the throttleing down??

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I've also, heard that it's actually good to use very high port numbers, as in >50,000 because then it looks like you're not serving something but instead it's just one of those ports that the computer chose for your return port number for a connection that you started to a server out somewhere.

I don't force protocol encryption but rather only leave it on there as an option to use. I don't really see why you should not allow traffic that would be slowed down, since it's better than not having that connection at all. + it's also kinda not nice for those that use a client that doesn't yet support protocol encryption

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