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Raspberry Pi zero w Projects


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I recently was given a bunch of Raspberry pi zero w's that work flawlessly, I can think of things to do with a a full size Raspi3, but not sure what I could do with this board. Any ideas of what I could turn them into?

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I have one myself (bought fairly recently). Haven't done too much with it yet as to being so busy, but I would like to solder some buttons on it (or switches) and a USB type-a head so I don't need to carry around a cable with it (a "normal" USB). The buttons would toggle services and payloads. Examples are SSH, WiFi hotspot, web server for management, VPN etc. Basically an all-in-one USB for everything with a few button taps on the side of the USB itself.

Still in the process of building my web server though - PHP is great. ? 

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