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  1. Hey! I have an evil portal I designed up and running, but I have 2 pages for it, I have a link on the main portal page that I want to redirect to a different page that is still apart of the portal. Whenever I click this second link it just takes me back to the man index.php page. Any ideas on what I can do? Been trying everything i can. I am not too familiar with evil portal to figure this out myself. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Hello! I have my evil portal setup, usually I get my background image from a link hosted on my FTP server, well I wanted the image to be directly on the Tetra so it didn't need to be connected to the internet to work, I managed to get the images moved over, but I cannot get it to find? the images. I have stored the images within the portal folder that contains the HTML, do I need to move them else where? I know my code works as when I try the code on my linux machine it works flawlessly with the images thats in the folder with the HTML. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
  3. You are visiting HTTP and not HTTPS websites correct? If that's a problem, you can install I think its the SSLStrip module and force HTTP
  4. So you want to connect your Pineapple to your wireless AP to receive internet access which will then allow your clients access to the web? If so, just go to the Networking tab in your Web UI and look for the WiFi Client Mode box and scan and find your AP you want to access the internet from. NOTE this is more difficult if you have your AP setup to hide its SSID.
  5. Yeah, like I said I was gonna do a Firm Recov, which I did. It seems to work fine now, but I haven't tested with my Evil Portal yet, importing the files. The Pineapple was flashed prior to upgrading, so not sure what happened, but just trying to report anything I can, especially if others have similar problems.
  6. After updating to 2.1.2 PineAP will not do Beacon Responses and Associations. Nothing will be added to the SSID Pool unless I manually add it. Also, If I am running PineAP, Evil Portal and decide to run a scan, there is a 40-50% chance the pineapple crashes and reboots, there could be something else causing this, but this is the only way I've been able to recreate it, in previous firmware versions I have been able to use those 3 services without any hitches. The problem persists if I do a Factory Reset, I am currently attempting a firmware recovery.
  7. Thanks for the ideas ;D I will have to do all of these!
  8. Well, do you have a previous generation pineapple? Or a Nano? Would help if we knew what you were planning to do with it. Fern's explanation was pretty good Having both dual band 2.4 and 5 ghz is nice, the tetra in general extremely effective and powerful, is pretty much a one stop shop for wifi pen testing.
  9. I recently was given a bunch of Raspberry pi zero w's that work flawlessly, I can think of things to do with a a full size Raspi3, but not sure what I could do with this board. Any ideas of what I could turn them into?
  10. Update: This indeed does bring everything back in working order, but after doing it the mac address goes back to what it was previously.
  11. Brilliant, I can confirm that it does indeed bring it back online, this saves me one massive headache. Thank you for your help ? I assume this is not supposed to happen, this never happened to me in 2.0.1. Regardless, thanks again ?
  12. Initially I started PineAP first, then the EvilPortal, now I have both services automatically start when the Pineapple boots. I hope my suggestions help, keep me updated.
  13. After the 2.1.0 update I did a factory reset, I installed evilportal just created a new blank portal and verified it worked on Live Preview and on a device, after that I worked on my own custom WiFi sign-in screen. I know this might be dumb, but you have the CaptivePortal service running right? And you activated the portal you are trying to use? No clue what your end looks like, but you might have the devices you're trying to connect with accidentally in the Whitelist/Authorized clients? Might be worth it to backup your portal files and do a quick reinstall of the module.
  14. I've been having a similar problem, my problem is solved 90% of the time just waiting a few minutes and it seems to kick in, then it works flawlessly for me@Just_a_User
  15. @PixLThanks so much, this is working for me, I completely forgot that I could ssh and do it via terminal. Thanks lol.
  16. I've been trying to get the deauth module to work for me for a while now, I've done factory resets, and firmware recoveries. When I go into the module I set my settings in (Blacklist, the speed and channel I want) and put in the router I want into the Blacklist in editor, after I hit save for both fields I start the deauth on wlan0, once it starts up the output log just says Mode : blacklist Channel : default Speed : 10 Monitor : wlan0mon Interface : wlan0 Starting Deauth... It didn't put the channel I asked for, and sits on this for an infinite amount of time until I stop the module or restart the pineapple. What am I doing wrong?
  17. Did you try a factory reset or a firmware recovery? That fixed most of my issues.
  18. Whenever I go into the Network tab and try to set a new MAC or Set Random MAC the radio that I try to change shuts off and becomes unusable. I have waited for them to become usable for up to 5 hours with no success, it doesn't matter if I do just one at a time or all of them, and doesn't matter how patient I am. And once this happens they are permanently unusable unless I preform a factory reset, which I've done several times. And I've also performed one Firmware Recovery, to no avail. Any ideas of what I can do?
  19. I've been messing with my pineapple for a bit now and have decided to try it all out on the go. I cannot seem to find any sort of set up that doesn't result it from doing a boot loop from solid yellow to blinking blue to blank and repeat. Can someone else who has done this shed a little light for me? I have the Y cable with both ends in the Anker battery and the micro usb into the UART port, I have my android device connected to the ETH1 port, what am I doing wrong?
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