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Calling all CSS Gurus or Creative Minds!


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Hello, I am almost finished a new module for the pineapple aptly titled "Themes".

The concept of the module is to let users create and share their own custom stylings for the page!

Here are some example screencaps:

My goal is to have the model come with a set of themes users can select from if they dont want to select their own.

I need your help to design some baseline themes for the module, and give your theme a name as well.

You can create a new theme by navigating to the page, selecting Ctrl+Shift+i and modifying the main.css file.
Once you are done modifying the file, paste the code here or email me your css stylings @ trashbo4t@protonmail.com.

I appreciate any help and can answer any questions below!




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5 minutes ago, kbeflo said:

Gotta have that sexy mk5 look

Hey kbelfo, can I get a hold of your Dark css files / monotone pineapple icons? 


If you dont mind I can add your theme as default theme named 'kbelfo-dark'


Here are some other themes i have added so far




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7 minutes ago, kbeflo said:

Check out my sig, files are hosted at Github

Edit: just saw the license - I will add this as a default theme with the Module,  named 'kbeflo-dark'

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