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  1. trashbo4t

    [RELEASE] Hak5 Cloud C2 v1.0.X

    Made a little video for setting up the cloud on your home network: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmWccbZnE9k&feature=youtu.be
  2. trashbo4t

    War Stories using Turtle

    ha fooled you they're both me! /s ?
  3. Most commonly its because you dont have the Clients in Deny All mode with an empty list.
  4. trashbo4t

    Is there a Dark theme for the web interface?

  5. Maybe try saving them to /root/ and write a bash script, or cron job to run those uci commands on startup.
  6. What is it youre worried about?
  7. Im not in the computer security field (although I work in back-end server development), nor do I use it unethically. Like you though, I find comp sec. and networking very interesting so I bought the Packet Squirrel, LAN Turtle and Wifi Pineapple. I definitely recommend buying a pineapple for fun, its become a hobby of mine to deploy attacks, as well as demonstrate these attacks to friends of mine for fun.
  8. trashbo4t

    [Official] Themes

    Description: A module to allow users to create and use custom themes for the pineapple's web interface. Version: 1.0 Features: Select from multiple pre-loaded themes Create your own theme with an inline css file editor Modify webpage Icons (Colors, contrasts) etc. Photos: Creating a new theme: Submit a pull request with your modified Themes module to the official repository (test first!)
  9. trashbo4t

    WiFi Pineapple - Themes

    Im almost finished a themes module for those still interested!
  10. trashbo4t

    Calling all CSS Gurus or Creative Minds!

    Yea good idea, Ill create a PR
  11. trashbo4t

    Calling all CSS Gurus or Creative Minds!

    Edit: just saw the license - I will add this as a default theme with the Module, named 'kbeflo-dark'
  12. trashbo4t

    Calling all CSS Gurus or Creative Minds!

    Hey kbelfo, can I get a hold of your Dark css files / monotone pineapple icons? If you dont mind I can add your theme as default theme named 'kbelfo-dark' Here are some other themes i have added so far
  13. trashbo4t

    Calling all CSS Gurus or Creative Minds!

    Wow I never knew about this, thanks I will do that and let him know,
  14. I am in the midst of adding a browser widget compatible with the 172 page, my goal is to have a completely encapsulated program for pineapple development. Broad usability can come from community necessities, making pineapple configurations like management, or debugging a lot simpler for newer users/contributors
  15. I created an IDE with Visual Studio C#, similar to visual studio code, but very stripped down. It uses sshfs to retrieve and save files from a host machine to the pineapple (displaying the /pineapple directory as a tree in the side pane), allows users to create new modules, and modifies the shared connection from host->pineapple on startup. Would anyone be interested in using something like this? It currently only runs on Windows 10, but I can entertain the idea of porting to multiple unix distributions with the Mono environment.