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  1. Im not in the computer security field (although I work in back-end server development), nor do I use it unethically. Like you though, I find comp sec. and networking very interesting so I bought the Packet Squirrel, LAN Turtle and Wifi Pineapple. I definitely recommend buying a pineapple for fun, its become a hobby of mine to deploy attacks, as well as demonstrate these attacks to friends of mine for fun.
  2. trashbo4t

    [Official] Themes

    Description: A module to allow users to create and use custom themes for the pineapple's web interface. Version: 1.0 Features: Select from multiple pre-loaded themes Create your own theme with an inline css file editor Modify webpage Icons (Colors, contrasts) etc. Photos: Creating a new theme: Submit a pull request with your modified Themes module to the official repository (test first!)
  3. trashbo4t

    WiFi Pineapple - Themes

    Im almost finished a themes module for those still interested!
  4. trashbo4t

    Calling all CSS Gurus or Creative Minds!

    Yea good idea, Ill create a PR
  5. trashbo4t

    Calling all CSS Gurus or Creative Minds!

    Edit: just saw the license - I will add this as a default theme with the Module, named 'kbeflo-dark'
  6. trashbo4t

    Calling all CSS Gurus or Creative Minds!

    Hey kbelfo, can I get a hold of your Dark css files / monotone pineapple icons? If you dont mind I can add your theme as default theme named 'kbelfo-dark' Here are some other themes i have added so far
  7. trashbo4t

    Calling all CSS Gurus or Creative Minds!

    Wow I never knew about this, thanks I will do that and let him know,
  8. I am in the midst of adding a browser widget compatible with the 172 page, my goal is to have a completely encapsulated program for pineapple development. Broad usability can come from community necessities, making pineapple configurations like management, or debugging a lot simpler for newer users/contributors
  9. I created an IDE with Visual Studio C#, similar to visual studio code, but very stripped down. It uses sshfs to retrieve and save files from a host machine to the pineapple (displaying the /pineapple directory as a tree in the side pane), allows users to create new modules, and modifies the shared connection from host->pineapple on startup. Would anyone be interested in using something like this? It currently only runs on Windows 10, but I can entertain the idea of porting to multiple unix distributions with the Mono environment.
  10. trashbo4t

    Pineapple modules

    Modules are stored in /pineapple/modules/ directory before you do factory reset: ssh into your pineapple, run these commands mkdir /root/backup/ cp -r /pineapple/modules /root/backup/ If a factory reset doesnt blow away your home directory you should be fine. Otherwise find a directory that wont, and copy the modules dir there.
  11. trashbo4t

    Evil Portal HTTPS don't block

    Ah; I think understand you, so if your target navigates to an HTTPS page they will NOT see the portal page? But, if they navigate to an unencrypted HTTP page they DO see the portal page? If thats the case, verify your iptables or dns redirects are set up to handle 443 requests for redirection
  12. trashbo4t

    Evil Portal HTTPS don't block

    What? What do you mean by "not blocked" and "un-authorized clients"? How are you serving an HTTPS page without a certificate?
  13. trashbo4t

    Keep my IP out of the log files ?

    Note this will only capture traffic if the ip youre filtering out is not that of your gateway/pineapple. i.e filter out your phones local IP not the pineapple, or else you wont capture any data of value or jut simplex traffic.
  14. trashbo4t

    Keep my IP out of the log files ?

    Here is some more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network
  15. trashbo4t

    Keep my IP out of the log files ? CIDR's are not Internet routable. From an outside perspective it could be anyones IP address.