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Kali Linux Book?


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I read through it, there's lots of useful information there for beginners. It doesn't go into details about the specific tools Kali has, but everything you could want to know about the OS itself is there. As a matter of principal, I cannot recommend buying anything that can be obtained legally for free, unless you really like paper books (which is understandable). The first chapter is also a bit fluffy, but I still recommend reading it. Although the tools themselves are what makes Kali most appealing to many people, understanding the underlying ecosystem can help you fix all sorts of problems you may encounter later.

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For those not aware, Kali books occasionally come up on Packt Pubishing's site as one of their daily "free-learning" ebooks.

All of Packt's output is tech-related.


Kali ebooks I have picked up so far are:

  • Kali Linux - An Ethical Hackers Cookbook
  • Kali Linux Social Engineering
  • Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing Essentials
  • Kali Linux – Assuring Security by Penetration Testing
  • Kali Linux Cookbook
  • Instant Kali Linux

I can't really rate any of the above as I downloaded them on the day they were free "just in case" I ever needed them.

The offers do repeat so the above may come around again.

You need to sign up for an account but the books are PDF downloads and not DRM or on-line viewing only.

They also have quite a few permanently free ebooks.

They can vary in content quality but being free you can just delete those you don't like and not feel cheated...

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With reference to my posting above, I thought I would mention (just this once) that today's (31OCT18) "free learning" non-DRM PDF eBook at Packt Publishing  is Kali Linux Cookbook - Second Edition (2017). The advertised price on Amazon today for the Kindle version is £23.39 GBP / $29.92 USD. The book changes to something else at midnight.

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Note that Kali linux revealEd was published by the foundER of kali linux ( backtrack) Mati Aharoni aka muts (ADMIN) on the kali forums.

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