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  1. https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty It seems that the item and postage costs are subject to customs duty and to find out what the percentage rate is you have to phone HMRC. Then the item and postage costs AND the duty are subjected to 20% VAT AND if you go down the duty unpaid route, when the Royal Mail gets the goods at your local sorting office they inform you that you have to pay the duty and they charge you £8 on top just for telling you and collecting the money. So an extra $42 seems reasonable to me and saves a lot of faffing about as everything is delivered straight to your door and you don't get mugged by Royal Mail. As an aside, have you seen the posts about the Tetra? https://forums.hak5.org/topic/51937-defective-item-wifi-pineapple-tetra/ Even at nearly half price I have not been tempted.
  2. Describe what you mean by "the best", carefully, methodically and also describing how you came to that conclusion.
  3. The OP didn't say there was. Why's that? How can one assume from a question on replacement external / outdoor antennas that the OP is going to deauth a neighbourhood?
  4. Yes. On a drive with a corrupted file system.
  5. Seems very sensible when you read articles like this: https://www.theregister.com/2020/07/17/ufo_vpn_database/
  6. IIRC you just add the card and Hashcat will use it. In fact I believe that if you have the option of SLI with your cards you do not use it as hashcat does all the work. A while back I built a rig using several old R9 290x's. Once I had the driver installed as I added cards Hashcat just used them.
  7. Great to see someone encountering a problem and using their ability to research and learn to solve it!!
  8. Nope. You are right that capturing is really easy. But after capturing the handshake you need an encryption busting rig that can cost a fortune to build / run.
  9. Probably do a "Marcus Hutchins" on anyone who replies. 😁
  10. The pics you can see are possibly just thumbnails. Have a look at the file signatures for those other files. It may give you a clue as to what they are.
  11. @Losthawk19 It seems that Amazon UK sells them for £132.95 including VAT and delivery. Only slightly over-priced when you take tax and delivery costs into consideration but, unlike with the "authorised" UK reseller, you are not being heavily ripped off...
  12. The UK "authorised" reseller charges £139.99 GBP ($170 USD) for a Nano (list price £82 GBP ($100 USD)). That's a markup of 70% (assuming they don't get an "authorised" reseller discount and the markup is even higher). Then there is £7.99 delivery and both then get taxed at 20%. Buying a Nano within the UK from the "authorised" reseller will cost a customer £177 GBP or $215 USD. It's probably cheaper to buy one direct from Hak5 and get it shipped half way around the world than to order if from Sheffield. Also their pricing is not consistent. Oddly there is only a 38% markup on a Tetra. I suppose they are assuming that people are more likely to purchase the "cheaper" device and so are heavily loading the price of the Nano. Other comparisons (Prices as of 24MAY20)
  13. Thanks for noticing !!! 👀
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