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  1. The pics you can see are possibly just thumbnails. Have a look at the file signatures for those other files. It may give you a clue as to what they are.
  2. @Losthawk19 It seems that Amazon UK sells them for £132.95 including VAT and delivery. Only slightly over-priced when you take tax and delivery costs into consideration but, unlike with the "authorised" UK reseller, you are not being heavily ripped off...
  3. The UK "authorised" reseller charges £139.99 GBP ($170 USD) for a Nano (list price £82 GBP ($100 USD)). That's a markup of 70% (assuming they don't get an "authorised" reseller discount and the markup is even higher). Then there is £7.99 delivery and both then get taxed at 20%. Buying a Nano within the UK from the "authorised" reseller will cost a customer £177 GBP or $215 USD. It's probably cheaper to buy one direct from Hak5 and get it shipped half way around the world than to order if from Sheffield. Also their pricing is not consistent. Oddly there is only a 38% markup on a Tetra. I suppose they are assuming that people are more likely to purchase the "cheaper" device and so are heavily loading the price of the Nano. Other comparisons (Prices as of 24MAY20)
  4. Thanks for noticing !!! 👀
  5. So you are admitting that it's not your network and you are undertaking what is essentially a Wi-Fi DoS attack?
  6. and excluding delivery... That makes it a total (in USD) of $173 plus delivery. Taking the tax & delivery out of the equation the UK Authorised Reseller has a 44% markup on the list price for every unit sold. Also saw that a nano would cost a UK buyer the equivalent of $205 plus delivery. That's over twice the US price. Taking the tax & delivery out of the equation the UK Authorised Reseller has a 71% markup on the list price for every unit sold. Is it that Hak5 does not offer any authorised reseller discount and the UK seller is taking the pi$$, or Hak5 DOES offer authorised reseller discount and the UK seller is blatantly ripping off Hak5 customers to a degree not normally seen outside telcos and oil companies...?
  7. It doesn't install. Search the forum and read the docs on how to use this. Here's a starter
  8. It has always seemed odd to me that a company that has a YouTube Channel promoting "security, privacy and Internet freedom" will not let you delete a forum account and its associated personal info...
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ntopng
  10. For those of you that use Raspberry Pis to experiment with and build things like Hak5 C2, and Kismet boxes, the below may be of interest. MagPi Magazine #91 March 2020 page 6
  11. aethernaut

    Is HAK5 dead?

    No idea. Just haven't seen much evidence of it over the past year. Remains to be seen what, if anything, happens.
  12. aethernaut

    Is HAK5 dead?

    Possibly, but that assumes Hak5 actually wants to continue.
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