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    [Official] Site Survey Module

    I have only completed a simple test but firmware 2.1.1 appears to fix SiteSurvey. However it seems you may still have to create a "capture" folder in /pineapple/modules/SiteSurvey/ before it fully works. I already had the module on the SD card so I do not know if a new install would require this.
  2. aethernaut

    [RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Firmware v2.1.2

    @Just_a_User Thanks for the reply. The ability to operate the Nano in a more "tactical" manner through the management interface using a phone or tablet was what attracted me to the device more than anything else. If I am going to use tools via a terminal then I'll use a laptop with an decent wifi adapter (decent compared to the wifi in the laptop - I'm not making snarky comments about the Nano!). I can see that the Nano is primarily a MITM device but it was useful to have a basic packet capturing ability as provided by Site Survey. Sad but true. I'll just have to wait and see ...
  3. aethernaut

    [RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Firmware v2.1.2

    Hi all, FW 2.1.0 with sys updates from Module Manager. Only one module downloaded which is SiteSurvey With reference to: and other posts thereafter... Summary: SiteSurvey does not appear to work with the new firmware or the new firmware does not appear to allow SiteSurvey to work Does anyone know if: The new Pineapple firmware needs to be fixed to support the Site Survey module? The Site Survey module needs to be fixed to work with the new Pineapple firmware? If either of the above are happening / will happen / may happen? As this question applies to the firmware as well as the module I have posted it here rather than both here and the SiteSurvey area. Many thanks...
  4. aethernaut

    [Official] Site Survey Module

    Despite trying to capture packets, a check of the /pineapple/modules/SiteSurvey/ folder showed that no "capture" folder was created / present. The script "capture.sh" suggests this is where the captures are stored. Creating a folder "capture" in /pineapple/modules/SiteSurvey/ showed that captures were apparently now being saved, however: (1) The capture did not appear in the table in the GUI (2) The GUI captures indicator now showed that instead of 12 non-existent captures there were 115 non-existent captures. I didn't explore further as I have spent too much time on this.
  5. aethernaut

    [Official] Site Survey Module

    Suffering the same as described in the posting by PablitoEmilio on the firmware release topic I have just updated the Nano firmware to 2.1.0 and downloaded Site Survey 1.3. I have also found that upon opening the module for the very first time on a newly flashed Nano the "counter" shows 12 captures. Subsequently trying to undertake a capture results in nothing obviously happening. It says a capture is in progress but nothing ever appears in the capture area and the counter stays at 12. Anyone else getting this apart from just me and PablitoEmilio?
  6. aethernaut

    [PAYLOAD] SMB Exfiltrator

    Just tried this as my first payload and I was probably a bit over-ambitious, but what-the-heck! Have I missed something? In the video everything proceeds quite covertly and there is even the option to delete the "run dialog" traces. However when I first tried SMB-Exfiltrator I got the big Windows "Select a Location for the Network... Home Network / Work Network / Public Network" dialog, which is a bit of a giveaway because it's so large. Also the numbered output folder is created but despite the LEDs indicating that a transfer is in progress and then complete, no files are ever "delivered". And there ARE files to deliver, I put them in there. After that I tried other payloads that have outputs to storage and none ever wrote anything other than the output directory to the "loot" folder. I see on the forum that others seem to be experiencing this. Still troubleshooting but thought I'd shout out in case anyone else has got any pointers. (Testing on Win7x64 and using the latest bashbunny-payloads-master.zip)