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  1. I have had success using aircrack-ng's driver on their github page. I have only recently found this and have only used basic monitor mode functions, so I cannot say if it will do everything you want but here's the link anyway! https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl8812au And for those who want to use airodump-ng remember to use the --band option so that it scans outside the default 2.4GHz range.
  2. If you want something to learn I'd suggest reading up on Criminal Trespass (US) or whatever the similar laws are in your area.
  3. Really? Try searching Google or YouTube... For instance, Hak5 posted this on 01MAY19. And if you were referring to the actual cracking part rather than the capturing part try: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hashcat+tutorial
  4. Sorry, can't help as I don't have one but it does look like you are not the only one suffering this. https://forums.hak5.org/topic/46187-wlan2-not-connecting/ https://forums.hak5.org/topic/45346-wifi-pineapple-usb-wifi-adapter-not-recognized/ https://forums.hak5.org/topic/46167-i-am-in-need-of-a-pineapple-nano-mentor/ https://forums.hak5.org/topic/45819-wifi-connectivity-not-working/ I don't think anyone from Hak5 has responded to any of these and the earliest post I have seen was February. You might be better off with an eBay adapter after all!!
  5. IIRC when you log in to your C2 instance it will tell you if there is an update available.
  6. Try setting it up using the Y-shaped USB cable. Wiki page
  7. @alxhotel Read this thread...
  8. Might be nice to be able to "zero" it without having to remove the device and create a new config.
  9. No Kali but ... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cosmo-communicator#/ Seem to have drifted a bit "off topic" now.
  10. I can honestly say I never expected to see the words "android", "phone" and "developing websites" used in the same sentence like this... It's got the same feel as "blindfold", "boxing gloves" and "brain surgery".
  11. That may well be true but in your question the term "hacking" is possibly just a little bit too broad. To look at it another way it's kinda like someone saying "I barely know anything about electronics, should I buy an oscilloscope?". If they have decided that the aspect of electronics they are really interested in will need them to have one, get one. If they don't know yet, no. Similarly with "hacking" or pen-testing. If you have already decided that the aspect of pen-testing you are already interested in is what the bash bunny is good for, get one. Hak5 itself doesn't seem to be putting out any content now, so have a view of the older Hak5 vids where they actually talk about pen-testing topics. Maybe have a rummage though Null Byte's vids as well. See if there is a particular aspect that particularly interests you. Then watch vids and read up on it a bit, download a few tools, destroy a VM or three, maybe tinker with a bit of wifi sniffing and get the feel of it. Experiment and be realistic. You are unlikely to be able to instantly (or ever) get to grips with methods of privilege escalation or exploiting current vulnerabilities and, like me, you may never want or need to. Use your own dedicated kit (such as Raspberry Pis and / or VMs) when experimenting. This means you can control all aspects of the scenario you have set up. Also you won't get into trouble and this is important as even if you didn't intend to you could fall foul of the law just by not knowing what you are doing. Things like an unitintentionally "uncontrolled" payload can cause havoc. Additionally you won't get frustrated when current security tools on your day to day kit throws up warnings about a bash bunny payload, the presence of a LAN Turtle or light up like a christmas tree when you switch on the "man in the middle" mode on a pineapple, because you can disable any security or not even install it withot it affecting your primary system(s). All those "frustrations" have happened to me. I am not trying to put you off or put you down, far from it. I did exactly what you are thinking of doing. I bought some Hak5 kit, plugged it in, got it working and thought "now what?" Sure I had some success but what did all this actually mean? I did not know enough to understand or make use of it. So I put it away, decided to concentrate on basic wifi as a start, got one of my Rasberry Pis, an old Alfa USB wifi device, a spare access point to be my victim, and proceeded to try to install and use Aircrack. As I went along I became more familiar with the terminology and the techniques behind what the Pineapple does and moved on from there onto other aspects. Finally, if you are anything like me and just like gadgets, you'll probably get one anyway regardless of what anyone says 🙂
  12. OK. Good point, well made! I hang my head in shame for ever doubting you and promise to short 240v across my RAM chips by way of punishment!!!
  13. And also when you actually typed it into crunch on your Asus machine? 😀 TBH I have made very similar errors many many times. One day I will remember that my computers have a nasty habit of doing exactly what I tell them to do, not what I meant them to do. Pity that's unlikely to be today, or tomorrow or ...
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