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  1. There was supposedly an SD card patch being tested in SEP20. I guess that either it did not work and / or it was just forgotten about, as they also declared at the same time that the Nano was to be EOL just two months later.
  2. I guess that Hak5 are concentrating on their next product, the "Wallet Magpie". It's a collection of promises in a plastic case designed solely to exfiltrate cash from customer's wallets. The only product so far designed to be 100% completed at the time of launch 🙂
  3. Hak5 made the MKVIs (Nano / Tetra) "end of life" as of 18DEC20. I guess it's unlikely you are going to get a fix.
  4. The above was posted in SEP20. Is the SD Card patch still being tested / developed?
  5. There is a fellow on YouTube that experimented by turning 4 microwave ovens into a microwave cannon. Could only manage to destroy a TV across the room. As an aside this fellow has some good videos on constructing your own wifi antennas.
  6. Is this patch still being tested / developed?
  7. That probably explains it. However I still think it would have been better if some explanation was provided. Although could actually admitting that a product was not suitable for the purpose for which it was sold leave Hak5 liable for refunds under US consumer law?
  8. It seems that Hak5 don't sell the Signal Owl any more so maybe they have just quietly withdrawn support for it? Don't know if that is actually the case as there has been no response in the Signal Owl section of the forum.
  9. Yes, but why pay though the nose for a product that Hak5, for reason(s) as yet unknown, does not even sell anymore? Is it even supported? It has not had a firmware update for 13 months. The Signal Owl was only introduced a month before that... If it has turned out to be more of a "turkey" than an "owl" Hak5 should at least give customers an idea as to why they have had to remove it from sale.
  10. Is the Signal Owl a "thing" any more? Hak5 appear to have dropped it from the site / store. Not seen any announcement though...
  11. This paper at MIT may help by providing a simple overview to get you started.
  12. The Signal Owl has disappeared from the main page of the shop and its purchase page has gone as well (Page Not Found). Website error or is the Signal Owl being "pulled"?
  13. Stops on 18th December 2020. You've just posted a question in it 🙂
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