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  1. I use to do my with a dvd, it is so hard to do now i use two laptop computer.Sorry i cannot be must help!
  2. The best way, try by error. And do your home work look it up like google it or youtube or take a class on it and ask questions, and good luck!
  3. I too am sorry about wedding, but that hak5 show what is going own with techthing?
  4. To know more is a good thing. I have two books on kali linuxs Penetration Testing by Georgia Weidman and Kali Linux Revealed by Raphael Hertzog.
  5. abelwho

    PC world

    i use a macbook pro 2012, it is hard to put kali linux on a mac.and i do run in to problem from time to time.
  6. abelwho

    Kali Linux

    Get a book on Linux first.and start with ubuntu.
  7. Love the shows, keep up the  good haking.


  8. Hi guy, I am glad i am not the only one that has problem with duel boot macbook pro or mac
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