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  1. AtomShards

    Best way to stay secure?

    Yeah ive ordered rtfm i think is whats it is. Red team feild manual. And im going to be reading the book kali linux published
  2. AtomShards

    Best way to stay secure?

    Im just wanting to learn then get into the workforce with it
  3. AtomShards

    OSINT methods

    Awesome thank you
  4. AtomShards

    Best way to stay secure?

    Websights like bandit.com and hack me and all those but its surfing the deep web in hacking sections that im concerned about
  5. AtomShards

    Best way to stay secure?

    No its for my safety not being caught. Im wanting to get into the pentesting feild and work my way into my countries military intelligence.
  6. AtomShards

    Best way to stay secure?

    The pen testing tools and the terminal
  7. AtomShards

    OSINT methods

    What are your best methods for gathering information through OSINT? Are there particular search tools or just good methods? All help is greatly appreciated.
  8. AtomShards

    Best way to stay secure?

    I've heard or Tails before but i like how kali has all the tools i need preinstalled
  9. AtomShards

    Best way to stay secure?

    i am setting up a computer dedicated as a learning resource and tool. People get caught out by stating without security from the beginning. There are also setting in tor that secure you even further but im not sure on what that is, i remember hearing about it in a defcon video. But basically this post is just asking how i can keep myself safe on the dark web and learning and using these resources to work my way into becoming an intelligence worker for my county. All help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  10. Hi i have been very interested in the idea of being a pen tester, I have messed around with Kali Linux a few times before and I am setting up a laptop to run its primary OS as Kali Linux. One day i will be joining my countries defence force and will hope to make my way up in the security field and work for my county in intelligence. I am haven't even scratched the surface on how to pen test and use linux with ease. If anyone could send me in the right direction to start learning I would be extremely grateful. I also understand the task i wish to take on is not easy, I know that i will have to put in a lot of work to get to where i want.
  11. AtomShards

    Kali Linux Book?

    Kali linux has released a free downloadable pdf and a paperback book for around $20. I was wondering if anyone has used this and if it would be worth while.
  12. AtomShards

    Windows 10 password crack

    Thank you i have read up on that but could i not just do a Shift restart and choose to use cmd from there?
  13. AtomShards

    Starting pen testing

    Hello, I'm really interested in the computer field and have tried doing things like kali linux and hacking into bandit but i never got too far because i lacked the effort and knowledge. I am now looking to get into a pen testing field as in my country there is currently a large need for computing experts and I've met with some of them and to be honest, i can out perform some of them and i have no clue what I'm doing. I'm currently working in a pc repair store so i have plenty of opportunities to test out my new skills instead of leaving it to the boss when things get too difficult. So if anyone could help me get started or teach me that would be awesome! All help is greatly appreciated, thank you :D
  14. AtomShards

    Manual file work?

    Hello, i am new to most of the hardcore tech stuff such as programming and hacking but i'm not the guy who doesn't know what the windows key is if you catch my drift. I've been working at a PC repair store and we often use programs to remove viruses, spyware etc but when a virus wont simply go away with those programs "the boss" works overnight and does it manually. I want to learn how to sift through files and have to knowledge on how to spot what not supposed to be there and how to safely dispose of those files. I also made a post on removing Windows 10 passwords and someone mentioned that the passwords are stored on the pc, how would i find things like that too. All help is greatly appreciated. Thank you :D
  15. AtomShards

    Windows 10 password crack

    You can get to cmd in many other ways that are extremely more practical, but this could come in use if the other methods are inaccessible.