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Antenna connection?


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59 minutes ago, TomAnanas said:


With the front (LED side) of the WiFi Pineapple TETRA facing you, the two antennas on the left are wlan0 and the two on the right are wlan1. But which are 5Ghz and which are 2.4Ghz?

Could someone help me please?

Both are dual band 2.5 & 5Ghz, they are not separated by frequency.

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I wish to use some directional antennas for both 2.4 and 5 ghz. I'm not interested in diversity at this point, I am doing "recon" in a specific direction. I'm not sure if both wlan0 and wlan1 are in use during "Recon" (I'm still learning, the book is very good but not as detailed as i would like to see...some type of table as to what uses both lans and which do not. I would think both are in use during a Recon mission. Can anyone provide more info?

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wlan 1 does all the sniffing (recon) and injection and wlan 0 is used for Pineap clients to connect to and wlan 0-1, which is a also wlan0 just split up, is your management AP to connect to and control the pineapple.  you cannot get away from two antenna per radio.  If you decide to not use 1 of the 4 antenna you could ruin the radio on the inside and make the tetra a paper weight at that point

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I'm not going to get rid of having antennas connected...but since these are providing diversity, I should be able to put a 2.4ghz yagi on one port to sniff around with and one for 5ghz  on the other port. If I just look for 2.4 APs, the yagi for that band should be selected and if I look for 5 ghz, the other should be selected. I may have to play a bit. I'm also looking at a HackRF ONE so I can snoop on more. I currently have two different MAC addresses that show as "Hidden" on 5 ghz. I'm trying to find out what they are. One is very strong and could possibly be the AP for my cameras...the other, I'm not sure. And now I find that my electric meter is using RF in the 2.4 area....kinda interested in that. With the SDR, I can use it as a poor man's spectrum analyzer and look at some of these wayward items. Really, I'm not nuts, there is a method to my madness....thanks for the comments and info...I'll put that in the Pineapple book to remind me.


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