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  1. My interests range beyond just an interest in hacking wifi...ham radio and I'll go out looking for causes of interference...having something frequency agile is convenient at times....I don't have a social life, don't play well with others...and mom rarely lets me out of the basement....
  2. I did even better...I ordered a HackRF One today...that will let me passively monitor all sorts of stuff....of course, pulling all those little radio parts around on a screen will be interesting....thanks for the comment...
  3. Is it possible to include a timestamp to associate with aps that show up? One could then start analyzing time of day when certain aps appear and disappear in those that come and go. Or is there something out there that does that already?
  4. I'm not going to get rid of having antennas connected...but since these are providing diversity, I should be able to put a 2.4ghz yagi on one port to sniff around with and one for 5ghz on the other port. If I just look for 2.4 APs, the yagi for that band should be selected and if I look for 5 ghz, the other should be selected. I may have to play a bit. I'm also looking at a HackRF ONE so I can snoop on more. I currently have two different MAC addresses that show as "Hidden" on 5 ghz. I'm trying to find out what they are. One is very strong and could possibly be the AP for my cameras...the other, I'm not sure. And now I find that my electric meter is using RF in the 2.4 area....kinda interested in that. With the SDR, I can use it as a poor man's spectrum analyzer and look at some of these wayward items. Really, I'm not nuts, there is a method to my madness....thanks for the comments and info...I'll put that in the Pineapple book to remind me.
  5. I wish to use some directional antennas for both 2.4 and 5 ghz. I'm not interested in diversity at this point, I am doing "recon" in a specific direction. I'm not sure if both wlan0 and wlan1 are in use during "Recon" (I'm still learning, the book is very good but not as detailed as i would like to see...some type of table as to what uses both lans and which do not. I would think both are in use during a Recon mission. Can anyone provide more info?
  6. Wondering what the specs are for bandwidth of radios in the Pineapple Tetra. Digital power meters use frequencies somewhere around the 2.4ghz WiFi signals. Curious to see what they say and wondering if the Tetra can be used to listen to them (no way would I try to lower my electric bill...trust me, I'm from the government and I'm here to help) I'm sure they would find little humor if they found someone that was altering what the power meter (gas meters too...some places even water meters)...
  7. That will be this evening, correct? 7 pacific? and I'm on east coast so I have to stay up late (I'm an old fart, to bed with the chickens and wake up with a pig)
  8. Thank you! I hope you get paid extra for putting up with idiots like me. I appreciate you taking the time.
  9. Thanks, that is a big help....and to turn back off?
  10. So if red or blue are on and active, RF is on? And if they aren't on, RF is off? And if RF is off, how to turn it on and if on, how to turn it off? The book is quite good but doesn't go into the level of detail that I would like to se...
  11. Does anyone know if there is anything simple inside that I could use to tell if WiFi is on or off? I'm looking at situation where I absolutely, positively cannot do any emissions. Was thinking perhaps hooking a small LED indicator. The display LEDs seem to have a mind of their own..
  12. I haven't tried running the script yet so I can't help...but I'm following. I have Kali on a Pi...hope to get it hooked up this week.
  13. Just my two cents, the WN722N has an RP SMA. Hooking a 15dbi yagi to it...need to get out and away from clutter...
  14. Thank you! Ideally, an editor would let you read from any source...but, you are correct, the disk editor is the direction I need to go...at lesat for now. Thanks for the response!
  15. I did a search for a hex editor but surprisingly, didn't find anything listed...I think it is operator error4 and I apologize if I f'd up. I want to be able to read the files on a disk, thumb drive, etc. I'd like to be able to massage the MBR in Windows....way back in the dark ages some guys writing security software for PCs for the government where I was at gave me a debug routine to fix the MBR that they had massaged. I was doing computer repair back in those days....but a lot of beer washed away all those brain cells. Once DOS 5.0 came out with fdisk /mbr, the software was obsolete. but, I would like to be able to see those first bits that are read...I have hexedit for windows...but, haven't gotten in to it. Will check to see if there is one for Ubuntu...thought I would ask for those more intelligent than I (every user on here)
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