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Ducky starting automatically?


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Hi. As far as i know, the Ducky shouldn't start by itself without i am pressing the button - am i right or wrong on this one?
When ever i plugin the Duck, it just starts automatically :/

I have started my Payload with a DELAY 5000 - it just starts after those 5000ms

Another thing i am wondering, is why 5000 ms is 10 seconds, where it should be 5 seconds. I took time on my phone, and all times converted to seconds are doubled.


Im expecting i have a error on my Duck?

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I would think the first 5 seconds, are just the OS recognizing the device as a keyboard over USB(plugging anything in has some delay I'm sure, nothing is instantaneous, even if it feels this way), and not actual to the clock on the duck, but there could be clock skew working factoring in here.

As for plugging in, I had an older one, with no case, you had to press the button, so not sure if the newer ones automatically run on insert due to the case design, which if they do this is probably even better for the attacker, so just set a longer delay if you're worried about missing a keypress going to far ahead of payload deployment.

Also welcome to the forums. Questions specific to to the duck, pineapple, turtle, etc, each have their own sub forums. Better to post in device specific threads in the future, and also, you can search those sections to see if anyone has already asked and answered the for the same issue. Might be good to also read up on the wiki. Don't have the link handy, but it's an easy find on Git with a quick google search.


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if you have one of the newer ones it should run as soon as you plug it in the only time you should need the button is if you are going to be flashing the firmware on it.   but as @digip said you can always check the forums for the hak5 tool, those should have everything you need.

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The USB Rubber Ducky will automatically run it's payload once it is inserted. It does NOT wait for the operating system to initialize (as it cannot receive feedback about this), so a DELAY at the beginning of the payload is usually required.

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Thank you all for your replies.

I know about the initial delay required to allow the computer to recognize the USB.

My issue was, that I thought the Duck only ran the payload when the button was pressed - i have misunderstood something.

Thank you again for your inputs :) 

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