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password cracking


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I put this request on here to avoid the riff raff. Hope it works...

Well one of users at work has forgotten the MANAGER (admin) password for Sage line 50 (an accounting program). If Sage were to do it,it would cost too much. So I need to crack it.

Here's my method so far:

I have ascertained the file that contains the hash for the password. This was done by chatting to one loose lipped support guy. He heh.

Now next i needed to find what type of cipher was used to encrypt the password. ---- This has proven difficult.

So I just opened the password file and removed the hash string from it (well it was the only candidate)

So now I have the string. What the fudge do I do with it? Do i run it through a cracking program ( i believe cain & abel has one)...?

Any help (linkage etc.) would be appreciated This I think would be a useful thread as well

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I think your best bet would to download cain & abel and import the file into the cracker. It will then auto detect what type of hash it is. Then you can do a dictionary or brute force attack on it. If It's a noob user you'll probably only need to do a dictionary attack (In my experience).

If that doesn't work well..it should but if it doesn't, tell us what happened.

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Try these guys.

As featured on Harrison's SploitCast (I'm aching for a new ep!), what basically happens is you supply the hash and the hash type, and it searches its database of precomputed hashes to see if they have it in there. If so, they email you back the password for that hash in a couple of minutes...

Or something. I don't see an email inputfield, so I might be wrong about that last bit.

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It will take time for it to crack the pw but it will work.

Edit: it will work the iso was made deep within the hacking world by the true l337 H4X0R5 it will work young one trust in the force (if it doesnt Kn0ppiX it if that doest work cain and abel if that doesnt work overide the pw with linux)

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I would use that program and then delete the first two letters of the password in the form and then do it again. 2 by 2 you will get the password.

I used that method to get an encypted WS_FTP password from our school admin.

I think when your finished you should do a nice write up that we can sticky and show the people who are going to ask that same question.

Best of luck,


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I know this post is decades old, however I'm looking for some help.

I've got exactly this problem. I've lost my sage manager password.

Where will I find the hash code to try and decrypt my password?

Can anyone help please?

Have you tried using Advanced Sage Password Recovery? You can download and use the free trial to try and get your password. I haven't personally used it so I can't verify it.

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