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Error setting up wp6.sh


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I'm currently running Ubuntu 16 and was trying to setup the wp6.sh

I took the following steps:

wget wifipinapple.com/wp6.sh

chmod +x wp6.sh

sudo ./wp6.sh

I get the following error: .wp6.sh 1: ./wp6.sh Syntax error: redirection unexpected

I also tried

sudo bash wp6.sh


Any thoughts or anyone else have this issue? Thanks


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15 minutes ago, RoninSmurf said:

So still having a issue, including 2 screenshots to try to make some sense of this.


I just tested these commands.

wget wifipineapple.com/wp6.sh

chmod +x wp6.sh


it worked as it should.

From the screenshots you posted, its obvious you copied the html page (the html tags gives it away) 

So we can only help you if, you post all the commands you used.

Or you can try to just copy paste the script from Darren's github. 

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