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  1. How to start with bash bunny?

    https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!./index.md#Tools https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!./index.md#Languages
  2. How to start with bash bunny?

    You cant be serious? https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads
  3. [PAYLOAD] QuickCreds

  4. How to start with bash bunny?

    did you set to language in the script? https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!payload_development.md
  5. How to start with bash bunny?

    Everything you need to know is in the wiki. Try first if you are having problems try and fix it if you cant then come back and ask SPECIFIC questions on the forum or IRC. Its documented in the wiki, what exactly did you do and what happened? https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!./index.md#Languages
  6. What is DWall

    Its a module that display's HTTP URLs, Cookies, POST DATA, and images from browsing clients as a stream. : -- )
  7. SSH Web Terminal Client Module

    The previous version worked :P Maybe instead of using localhost:4200 you could use php to get the br-lan ip. something like this echo `ifconfig br-lan 2>/dev/null|awk '/inet addr:/ {print $2}'|sed 's/addr://'`
  8. Default password for Tetra isnt working

    There is no default password, you choose the root password during setup. But where did you find those passwords? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqMW0NeODAQ
  9. try and run as root?
  10. What is the packet squirrel?

    He says "the square app" not "the squirrel app", and he is referring to a payment app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.squareup&hl=en
  11. problem with bunny_helpers.sh

    Are you referring to the nmap script? And what files did you remove? You can just copy what you need from the github repo or reinstall the firmware.
  12. problem with bunny_helpers.sh

    For this to work, the Bunny must act as a Ethernet adapter. Use ATTACKMODE and then what ever you need. https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!payload_development.md I recommend reading the wiki and watching the intro video before asking on the forum.
  13. IoT Lightbulb

    What and why?
  14. IoT Lightbulb

    Is it that hard to post the URL to the product page? Anyway if you phone connects to the light with the app, maybe try and MITM your phone and the light and then use TCPDump, or try reverse engineer the app.
  15. IoT Lightbulb

    Cant find it, maybe post a URL?