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Changing image file sizes using hex editing?

Mr Andrewson

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Delete what hex values? If you randomly cut out chunks of an image file it's no longer going to be an image file and therefore it's going to be useless.

What you're trying to do is akin to ripping out random parts from a car and expecting it to still move.

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:shock: :? Ok..... .gif does animation as well as .png (I believe) theres this wonderful thing called "compression" theres a lot of programs that will resize and compress image files. Photoshop, The Gimp...like 10 zillion more. Also...Hex Editing...a picture??? THis is not Diablo 2 and trying to unlock the Secret Cow Level!!? Who told you that>?? Or what screwtard site said to do it that way?? Oh god my head hurts.

www.google.com <<< Look He is a good friend of everyone. KNow him Use him. He likes the abuse!!

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I used the HEXDIET from Microshaft and boy did I lose weight!

But now I'm missing my spleen, my kidneys, a quarter of my brain , and my left big toe.

I miss my toe. :(

Aw, don't feel bad. They all fetched good money at auction on the black market, and we all know Darren needs the money.

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