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  1. If you want to, check out some trojan/RAT sites, they probably have some packers/crypters/scramblers etc. to encrypt files and hide them from anti-virus programs.
  2. Using Goole Earth I calculated that my house is 6258 km / 4056 miles from that restaurant. But hopefully everything will be up on video at the homepage like last year.
  3. Well flash based storage doesn't do well if you write it many many times.
  4. Either try some other program like fgdump or encrypt the file. When dealing with trojans for example there are programs to scramble/encrypt files so anti-virus programs don't detect them.
  5. If it does you haven't configured Tor/privoxy/your browser/etc. correctly.
  6. I'm really not sure what errors he is pointing out, since I think what I said in the video was correct, if over simplified. Maybe there was a better way to say it? Is there anything you all think I should correct? They even say themselves that they don't use padding:http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRo...1a7b0ab87c2aeb3
  7. Well the Hacksaw is just a collection of programs so starting it from a Trojan or shell from a remote exploit could be done.
  8. AFAIK you can't format C: like that if you're in Windows and Windows is installed on C:.
  9. Well that's not exactly taking control of it, and it would probably be hard to get all those commands to execute properly. And the user would have plenty of time to close the site.
  10. I'm sure you could use it to annoy the user. But to make the computer do some advanced task to take control of it will probably be hard.
  11. I'd guess the market for marijuana is much bigger in USA than in the Netherlands. And if it's a controlled market you can check the source of the product more easily. Also since the US defeated the taliban in Afghanistan they've started growing drugs again. Isn't this "drugs funding terrorism" mostly a scare tactic? Why not? Even if you stream it you still have to download the data. And who knows if it's even available streaming somewhere. Because if i stream i can watch it while it is dl'ng saves a lot of hastle. Ok but had you started downloading the episode when it was posted you'd watched it by now. I'd download it if I were you because I don't think it's available in streaming form anywhere.
  12. Why not? Even if you stream it you still have to download the data. And who knows if it's even available streaming somewhere.
  13. And AFAIK pwdump is open source so you could amend it yourself.
  14. Well it sure looks "cool" and flashy but is it really useable? Typing on a completely flat surface like that can't be any better for you than on a proper keyboard. What's so wrong with a mouse and keyboard? If you could use a mouse to move your furniture when moving wouldn't you instead of using your hands?
  15. Well as Sparda said, it's basically impossible to spoof a TCP connection. But in some situations the remote IP is read from HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR or similar headers if they're set, and they can be spoofed.
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