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8 hours ago, skulland said:


thanks for your work ! first ?

I have a issue when I tried to preview the portal I have a beautiful 403

and no way to connect to the evil portal

any solution ?

thanks ?

deactivate it then reactivate.  also helps if your on the nano to put the portal your using on the device and not the sd card.

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Trying to get wifiphisher on the pineapple working is a huge pain, instead its easier to just make a portal for evil portal that can work as an evil twin.

Someone made a portal here: https://github.com/teabot5000/Evilportal-wifi-connect
but its super janky, mainly because its 2 years old now. Would anyone be up to either updating it or creating a new portal?

This is the referenced wifiphisher project that I love 



If anyone wants to help or just give me some advice that would be awesome.

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Are the portals suppose to show up in the library under the evil portal module?

I am unclear about this process. I have a nano with an sd card.

I downloaded the portals from GitHub and followed the steps but I am sure I am missing something.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi all!

@kbeflo or others. For mac OS users who reconfig'd the Nano's IP to be 192.168.2.x for use, it seems the EvilPortal modules still try to ping the 172.16.42.x IP address. Is there a way to change the config of the modules to run on this IP?

uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
uci set network.lan.gateway=''
uci commit && reboot
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Hi all, I want to trick / pentest a corporate Access Point that has Microsoft OneX security. So these require you to login with your Microsoft 365 username and PW and are unique for every user. Since all members had access before, I need a way to trick their laptops to pick my WP by providing better wifi signal (which I can).

Did anybody found a way to enable security on WP and accept any password given? In the end, the only thing matters is that the user will try to connect entering a Microsoft email and password. We don't care if the credentials are right or not and I intent to never ever give them access or something.

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