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Rare Zunes


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WHAHAHAHA! I can see it now:

"Hey guys, check it out! I got the new Zune!"

- "You bought that lame POS?"

"Sour grapes! Here, hold this while I unwrap this sucker"


- "Gaaaaay!"

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Honestly, who would think this is a good idea? I could possibly see making it some special color, but wtf why pink? Maybe a nice white or black? I guess at least it's not rainbow-colored with flowers and unicorns all over it...

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Dude I thought about this for only half a second, and came to the conclusion "I just spent over $200 for a cool black video player... where the fuck did this pink piece of shit come from?!?!!"

How can anyone think this is a good idea?!?!?! Unless in the box is a few hundred in cash.

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well at least is not an ugly color of pink it doesn't look so quite so bad.. I still say I'd be very annoyed if I had opened one I don't like ebay so I could not make any money on it.

Eaahhh, It's barbie pink , yuck in my opinion.

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