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new Tetra unable to complete initial setup


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I just received my Wifi Pineapple Tetra today and was excited to start playing with it.. but I can't get past the initial setup! When prompted to press the reset button nothing happens!.
I can see the wifi AP are running but they do not turn off... and I never get to upload firmware...

I can ping and connect on the UART port.
If I'm connected to the UART port I can see that the Tetra is running. and if I remove the ETH1 usb my ping dies and in my SSH I can see that the device reboots over and over again until I connect the ETH1 USB cable.

I’m able to start it in Failsafe mode… and was wondering if I should try a firstboot?

Don’t know if it will help or brick it? Have anyone else had these issues? And has the “reset button” issue been solved?

Hope that anyone can help?

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In case you thought the reset buttons are a defective hardware issue, I have reason to believe it's not. When I first got my Tetra, I experienced the same issue as @ARGHtur where the reset button had no effect during the initial setup. When the device was without power I was able to hold the reset button down really hard and power up to get a yellow light, so after that I cycled the power, ran the setup and had to mash on the button several times until I got a lucky restart. After the new firmware was written, the reset button worked without any issues.

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Thanks man, this helped me. I couldn't get my terea working for an hour. Ended up starting it like you said, and repeatedly pounding the reset button hard like 50 times, and then the continue button finally worked.

Honestly makes me wonder about quality control. I was really distraught that I was about to have to RMA my Tetra. I knew I was doing the process right, as I have a nano which wotks flawlessly now. I say now because my first one was defective, had to get replaced.

Additionally, I just read that that some of the pineapple 1500's have the shut off problem..... I got my field kit and didn't use my 1500 for quite a while because I didn't need it really, and because I have a couple other Ankers that work well. Then, when i went to use it 4 (est) months later, it would just turn off when I tried to plug something in. I shrugged it off because who knows what I may have done unknowingly, and the fact that I had more usb chargers made it negligible.

I've sent hak5 in total probably $1500 of my hard earned money in total, and it seems that most of my featured products have had major flaws that inhibit it's basic functionality. Replaced nano, broken pineapple juice, abusive handling for my tetra to work properly.....

Hopefully at the least hak5 will replace my pineapple juice 1500. I really do like my products when I get them in working order. I'll reach out to them next week.


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