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  1. Still can't get the Tetra to work but I found Kerby :-)
  2. I did.. now I'm just waiting for a reply... But isn't there anything else I can do? can't I bypass the setup by editing a config file somewhere?
  3. Yes! port :1471 I see the first 2 screen of the initial setup... but I can't click continue after I'm suppose to press the reset button...
  4. Hi I just received my Wifi Pineapple Tetra today and was excited to start playing with it.. but I can't get past the initial setup! When prompted to press the reset button nothing happens!. I can see the wifi AP are running but they do not turn off... and I never get to upload firmware... I can ping and connect on the UART port. If I'm connected to the UART port I can see that the Tetra is running. and if I remove the ETH1 usb my ping dies and in my SSH I can see that the device reboots over and over again until I connect the ETH1 USB cable. I’m able to start it in Failsafe mode… and was wondering if I should try a firstboot? Don’t know if it will help or brick it? Have anyone else had these issues? And has the “reset button” issue been solved? Hope that anyone can help?
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