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  1. Since I'm the only one that voted 'no', I'll admit it. I didn't think the idea brings enough value to spend time on it. There's already several ways to do what's being proposed, including a payload or two from the community. On the other hand if you're getting a ton of support requests from people breaking their bunny or being generally confused on how to update it may be worth the time investment.
  2. The codename of this release was dinglehopper. A fork is a dinglehopper as mentioned in the Little Mermaid. I'd love to know why they chose that codename and the connection with the Little Mermaid.
  3. Isn't setting that on the BB a little redundant given it's part of the default configuration of usb0?
  4. You're suppose to SSH into, this is also listed on the wiki under the Default Settings section. USB 10/100 was an oversight when I created the instructions, this device is actually the Tetra that I occasionally use with ICS. It's not necessary for these instructions. Give this a try: Unplug the BB Reboot the computer Turn off ICS Turn on ICS (sharing your wifi connection with the correct USB interface) Plug in the BB SSH into the BB Welcome to the interwebz? Edit: Make sure to follow the directions for DHCP with a manual address as well. It's necessary for ICS to work.
  5. sorry for the 'usb 10/100 lan' confusion, it's from the tetra. you might remember me mentioning that on irc yesterday.
  6. You'll need to escape the special characters. Take a look at his example.
  7. When it gets released he should hire the Pineapple Pen guy for promo. I have a Pineapple....I have a Bash Bunny.....uggghhh Pineapple Bash Bunny Pen(testing)
  8. I personally use VirtualBox and set my BB to switch 1 or 2 before adding to the USB settings in the VM. This way, while your VM is running it'll automatically connect to the VM instead of your host OS. The steps would be... Start your VM Change BB to switch 1 or 2 with a simple payload Connect it to the computer Add the USB device to the list as shown above. Click OK Remove BB Insert BB again and now it'll be connected to the VM Note: Changing the BB to arming mode will open it in the host OS, unless you had that to your VM USB settings too.
  9. Awesome you found a way to make it work. The reason why you see is that it's defined in /etc/network/interfaces.d/usb0 on the BB. That's why the BB wiki (under ICS sections) and this thread says to set the BB's IP manually to
  10. Simple forum search finds the answer. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/40286-bash-bunny-ducky-language/&do=findComment&comment=287093
  11. The Pineapple uses opkg, so you would use these commands: opkg update opkg install etherwake Etherwake's usage should be: etherwake [mac-address]
  12. I added a quickly thrown together screen capture running through my instructions from the first post in this thread. Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7e5vg0kteijwpsx/ Mac OS X - How to Share Your Internet Connection.mp4?dl=0
  13. On Mac you'd do: ls /dev/cu.* It'll have usbmodem in the name. Once you've possibly figured out which one you'd use this command (change the device name to match yours): screen /dev/cu.usbmodemch000001 115200 Press ENTER on the blank screen and you should be ready to log in.
  14. Turn off ICS, wait about a minute. Before you turn it back on use the drop down to choose which interface you want to share from (e.g. Wifi) and then enable it. Afterwards, reconnect your BB.
  15. The reason for the delay seems to be that your BB doesn't have internet access. I had the slow response when I disabled the internet sharing. As far as using it as a payload it seems you'd have to add a delay to your script like @Dave-ee Jones mentioned.
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