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  1. On your WiFi Pineapple, navigate to the Advanced module and you'll see it there.
  2. Here is the udisk script: #!/bin/bash function print_usage() { echo "udisk [ mount | unmount | remount | reformat ]" } function get_confirmation() { read -r -p "[?] Are you sure you want to reformat udisk? All files will be removed [y/N] " confirm case "$confirm" in [yY][eE][sS]|[yY]) return 0 ;; *) return 1 ;; esac } function mount_udisk() { mount -o sync /dev/nandf /root/udisk &> /dev/null return $? } function unmount_udisk() { [[ $(mount | grep /dev/nandf) == "" ]] || { sync umount /dev/nandf &> /dev/null return $? } return 0 } function reformat_udisk() { dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/nandf bs=512 count=1 &> /dev/null mkfs.vfat -n "BashBunny" /dev/nandf &> /dev/null } function copy_files() { mkdir -p /root/udisk/loot mkdir -p /root/udisk/tools cp /root/version.txt /root/udisk cp -rf /usr/local/bunny/udisk/* /root/udisk/ &> /dev/null } function do_format() { unmount_udisk && { reformat_udisk mount_udisk && copy_files echo "[*] Udisk formatted successfully. The system will now reboot." } || { echo "[!] Error: Udisk is busy" } } case $1 in "mount") mount_udisk && echo "[*] Udisk mounted to /root/udisk" || echo "[!] Error: Udisk could not be mounted" ;; "unmount" | "umount") unmount_udisk && echo "[*] Udisk unmounted" || echo "[!] Error: Udisk is busy, could not unmount" ;; "remount") unmount_udisk && (mount_udisk && echo "[*] Udisk re-mounted to /root/udisk") || { echo "[!] Error: Udisk is busy, could not unmount" } ;; "reformat") get_confirmation && do_format && reboot ;; *) print_usage ;; esac You should be able to save that to a file and execute it on the Bash Bunny to restore the udisk partition.
  3. We actually use the official sources.list that is installed when you install Debian via debootstrap. By default Debian only considers the "main" repository to be part of Debian itself. That said, it absolutely makes sense to ship the Bash Bunny with some extra repositories, I'll make sure to update this for the next firmware release.
  4. Haven't looked into it yet. We currently track the official releases to the debian repository, so we are up-to-date with those. Debian doesn't really have a reputation for having current versions, so we can make exceptions for some tools, such as nodejs and ruby where required. It's on my list though, so I'll look at it before the next firmware is out.
  5. I hate to put something like this in a post with cool stuff, but.. Disclaimer: Using the Bash Bunny like this may void your warranty, as it could cause unforeseen effects on the underlying system.
  6. pineapple

    I'll look into why NTP doesn't update the time the moment we get an internet connection. Technically, the moment we get a connection we should be trying to configure the time.
  7. Running the Bash Bunny with a GUI such as xfce is absolutely possible, but also means that the CPU governor won't have much of a chance to scale down the CPU frequency. The chip should be able to take the heat without issues, but caution should still be advised, running the Bash Bunny out of standard operation.
  8. That's quite easy, you just have to spoof all DNS requests and resolve them to the Pineapple. This will make it seem as if internet exists, but a captive portal is present.
  9. @Vert - what firmware are you on? On v1.3 the device should feel a lot cooler than it used to.
  10. Unfortunately there is no way to change it once it's left the warehouse, sorry.
  11. Hi nprouse, I'm sorry for the delay in your shipping. I see you chose USPS, so I urge you to read this post which has some relevant information. Mind you, I am not in the shipping department, and this may not apply to you. Regarding your ticket, I see you created one on Thursday and sent another one again on Sunday. It can take up to 3 business days for us to respond to customer inquiries. Your tickets have reached the right place and you will be taken care of shortly, if there is something we can do, and it's not just USPS being USPS :)
  12. Hi SpoonNet, Because the payloads are bash, you will need to escape the $: Q STRING "kill -9 \$\$" That should work as expected.
  13. While we are on freenode, there is maybe one message on there per week. is definitely the place to go.
  14. Log into your bunny and execute "udisk reformat". That'll fix you right up.
  15. pineapple

    I wasn't planning on moving to Python3. Maybe shipping Python2.7 and Python3 at the same time, but not replacing Python2. Ruby and NodeJS I'll take a look at, but as I said, we are tracking a stable Debian branch for our packages. Unfortunately that does mean packages that are slightly outdated. Security fixes should however be backported.