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  1. Lots of things planned for the sixth generation WiFi Pineapple NANO and TETRA.
  2. Hi CyberViking, At this time, no new updates are planned, sorry.
  3. If you have access to your Bash Bunny, the correct way to perform a factory reset is the following: Boot the device in ARMING mode Serial into the device and execute "udisk reformat". The storage partition will now be formatted and the device will reboot Serial into the device and execute "factory_reset_bunny". The Bash Bunny will reboot and be restored to firmware v1.0 Download and upgrade your Bash Bunny to the latest firmware version You should be ready to go after this.
  4. Hi FallenPhoenix, If you read the instructions, they tell you to press the button to continue with the setup.
  5. Update your Bash Bunny to firmware v1.3 and see the following post.
  6. As the WiFi Pineapple is running OprnWrt, you can follow their wiki for setting up wireless clientmode for enterprise networks. It requires you sshing in and updating a couple of config files though.
  7. Hi Onus, As Barry said, this is usually not a real issue. If the clicks are very loud, or the device malfunctions, send us a support ticket and we'll take care of it.
  8. It does, but you execute it from a bash script so you have the power of bash behind you.
  9. So opkg ships a different config but doesn't replace ours. That's why you still use our servers when you update.
  10. We improved the scanning a while back, removing the need to separate scans.
  11. It's possible the sale has ended, but I'm not sure. I'll check with our shop :)
  12. Images require an internet connection to work as they are loaded by your system. If your laptop doesn't have internet (routing issues maybe) images won't show.
  13. We say "Copy it to the root of your mass storage partition" usually. If there is still a reference to just "root of bash bunny", please let me know and I'll update the documentation.
  14. Yup, that's it. I have it working but it's a bit slow. There are some tricks to speed it up though, so once I finish that, I'll push out a new firmware.
  15. That's because arming mode doesn't start Ethernet. Once we have AUTO_ETHERNET working that will change.