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  1. We actually will in the next firmware release :)
  2. Hi Roatandave, I just wanted to chime in on this module and give some guidance. First of all, I would suggest taking a look at the Let's Code we did about a year ago. It will provide you with enough information to properly format and develop your module. Taking a look at the Github link you provided, I noticed that the module.html is formatted incorrectly, and there is no file. There are also duplicate and .pyc files in your Ajaxterm_files folder, which you may want to clean up. I would also like to talk about security a bit. While ajaxterm does seem to authenticate the user, there is no encryption or much regard given to security. This would somehow need to be resolved before we would be able to publish this module in our repository. I am sure this is possible, but it may actually be easier to re-write the terminal emulator from the ground up, and letting it interface directly with the WiFi Pineapple's module API.
  3. This most likely means he erased partitions and with that uboot. If uboot is gone there is nothing to boot, so the entire device will need to be reflashed. This is done using a specialized flashing tool and is done at the factory. I am finding out if it is easily possible with readily available hardware.
  4. When logged in over SSH, you can use the "pineapple notify <message>" command. If you want to send notifications to the pineapple via the API, please take a look at our wiki page.
  5. If you messed with the memory, and lost UART, then you most certainly corrupted the bootloader. Without proper flashing hardware for the TETRA, I don't think you'd be able to fix it.
  6. From where do you want to send the notification?
  7. There is a module called Portalauth that should do what you want.
  8. Hi, We are undergoing some restructuring and will get to your ticket ASAP. We are working off a queue right now. Do you have your ticket number for me?
  9. The UK is not blacklisted. Did you by any chance get an email to verify your order? If you missed the email, your order is automatically cancelled.
  10. Nice work! The edit button becomes available once you reach ~5 posts.
  11. LEDE and Openwrt are most likely merging again soon. We'll stick with openwrt for now.
  12. It is in our repository.
  13. If the variables don't work, you have found a bug and I'll take a look ASAP.
  14. We noticed an issue with our ticket management system which has since been resolved. We are getting back to customers ASAP.
  15. You would add your laptop's MAC.