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  1. The Bash Bunny doesn't have a battery connected to the RTC, so it has to way to keep accurate time. We use a bit of a hack to try to make the time a bit more accurate by using NTP (when an Internet connection is present) and checking the last accessed time of files on the Bash Bunny and setting the time to the latest date found. While this method is not accurate it will usually get you in the same year and month, which is enough for most utilities to function properly (certificate verification for example).
  2. Once I get a tiny bit of time I'll ship a newer version of libpcap with a new firmware that'll fix the issue.
  3. Currently we only have us.json in our repository, but we'd be happy to accept any Pull Requests for new languages to our repository.
  4. If you want to do this the easy way, simply serial / SSH into your Bash Bunny and execute the following command: For firmware v1.1: reformat_udisk For Firmware v1.2+: udisk reformat That will ensure that the partition is cleaned and formatted correctly. Please note that it will delete all files that are not there by default from the mass storage partition.
  5. Hi Runnerinmask, The Bash Bunny is usually used with a combination of attackmodes. One example would be HID and storage. You would not directly get execution on the target machine, but execute some code using the HID attack first, possibly launching code from the mass storage partition of the Bash Bunny.
  6. Currently, you can update from any firmware to a higher version without having to go through the update chain. This MAY change in the future but is highly unlikely. We do not allow downgrades through the update mechanism, but factory resetting your Bash Bunny will always restore firmware v1.0. Again, this may change in the future for newly produced Bash Bunnies, but currently this is not planned.
  7. A fix is in the works for v1.3. Firmware v1.2 is currently undergoing some last testing.
  8. We are currently catching up on tickets, sorry for the delay.
  9. If you install via the .deb I have provided, it will install correctly to /tools.
  10. The Bash Bunny should not overheat under normal conditions. The Bash Bunny has a some heat dispersing gel on some of the chips, a heatsink is not required (the units in seen in the video are pre-production units to which I badly soldered some serial leads). There should be no need to drill holes in the case. I have also made this PSA before, but putting the Bash Bunny into a new case can be risky because of the high heat. 3D printing for example is probably not a good idea as that will most likely melt or warp under normal operating temperature. Saying that, if your Bash Bunny melted, that's probably due to a hardware defect and it should be exchanged ( We'll of course replace them.
  11. Serial / ssh into the bash bunny and run the "reformat_udisk" command. WARNING: this erases all files on the device, but it will fix any mounting issues (at least if the issue lies with the bash bunny).
  12. Nope, it's still there and works for me. I tested using a few different connections too.
  13. I haven't pre-installed impacket in 1.1, it must have been the Deb you installed. Our Deb correctly installs to /tools and runs You can find it here:
  14. You also need to set the systemd kill mode to process instead or the default process group. Should have the update out tomorrow with these fixes in place.
  15. We are in the process of doing this.