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trying to back up my movies...


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Hey guys,

I'm trying to back up some of my movies. however, the DVDs are about 6gigs each. thats way to big to put on my 4.7 gig blanks DVDs i have here. How should i proceed to split these dvds. I mean i could get rid of the menus and such but if i reauthor it that way, it still is too big. Any suggestions?

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its ring of honor.. It's like independent wrestling.. there is no copyright anywhere on the box. so what do u think. Should i convert to .avi then split it into 2 .avi files then convert each back to dvd? what program should i use?

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I could've sworn I saw someone suggest "DVD Shrink", which is the program you should look into.

Allows you to take out the menu, the copyright warning, the trailers for other movies, additional soundtracks, directors commentary, photo gallery and, if it's still too big, recompress the full movie so it precisely fits the DVD.

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