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SSID Pool Management

Kapu Lanai

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I want to be able to select from a spreadsheet, a series of SSIDS and add them to the ssid pool. Without doing it individually.

So I'm looking for my shortcut here. If it's a matter of editing a file...great. Uploading a CSV? Even better. It makes no sense that you can download the ssid but you can't upload it???? Or swap SSID pools??? SSID pool 1, SSID pool 2.

Here is why.

You start collecting SSIDs and there is no control over who or how you collect those. They just are. Or if there is another way someone please teach me.

If client mac is enabled does that only pick up SSIDS from that mac?

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I keep different versions of the file depending on the use case. Many times I'm looking to grab unassociated clients in a particular area. For that purpose I have a file of just the top 100, public, free wifi points in the area. Throughout a week of capturing clients, the Nano will pick up more SSIDs during the course of doing business. At the end of the week the top 100 file gets reloaded to the /etc/pineapple/.

I've found that once you reach a ridiculous number of SSIDs, it takes a longer time to capture a device if you get it to associate at all. Having a targeted list along with watching for SSIDs being beaconed by the client seems to work pretty well.

Within the /etc/pineapple/ directory make yourself some copies of ssid_file. In my case it may look like this:

cp ssid_file myTop100ssids

cp ssid_file topssidsinKentucky

cp ssid_file topssidsinCleveland

Next, edit each one of these copies to your specifications. I use nano.

nano myTop100ssids

After editing press [Ctrl o] to save and [Ctrl x] to exit.

To load up a file type for use.

cp myTop100ssids ssid_file

This will copy myTop100ssids and rename it ssid_file for use by the pineapple.

Forgive me if this is something you were already aware of how to do but I thought it might help based on the question. Have a great day!

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I wouldn't know where to start, but with the info that Skinny shared, it seems that you could create a module that could easily swap out SSID lists that you've got onboard the SD card.

It makes me want to create a spreadsheet of compiled SSID lists and make a top 100.

OOOOOO... The module (call it something like SPOONISH'S Slick Superimposer SSID Sheeter or SSSSSIDS) could also give you the most common SSIDs, top 100 lets say. Cross referencing the list(s) with your proping and/or association logs, SSSSSIDS would then place that list in your SSID list folder. But of course, the module would be sharp and offer up those compiled lists in a different drop down menu. I really have no idea the viability of this rambling but it pangs me ever so slightly when I lose a large SSID pool.

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I like the idea of keeping track of meta data related to how a SSID was captured and how many clients are looking for it, or if the SSID was only found via an access point via recon, of just one you entered into the pool list Occupineapple style.

I'm guessing parsing the logs and creating a report based on the data logged would get us there, but I can see a lot of SSID analyses using mostly whats already built in just need a couple more fields to populate.

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