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  1. Quick question: Should we be seeing any activity scrolling by within SSLStrip in the console? I see plenty of requests and responses through dns2proxy, but nothing in the former. Any thoughts?
  2. same situation here, i just assume that its a hardware problem at this point because it just flat out does not work at all. neither of them do, or from the console when ssh'd in.
  3. no, not completely, definitely not as it seems Houdini's works. each firmware version has made it less functional to the point of where it's now sitting on a shelf unused. no matter what power source i use, pineap doesn't function as intended... and if i use a single module, it's done for at 100% cpu until i pull the plug.
  4. Late reply but i tried this and nmap states the host is down. Process as follows: Connect my phone to the TETRA Open AP and while it's connected, run nmap on the IP and hostname, both through SSH and the module. Device shows as connected through the Clients page the entire time. Maybe this isn't intended for devices connected, or I'm missing something?
  5. Interested as well, in addition, what are some currently known to work 4G usb dongles?
  6. Would it be possible to show the external IP in one of the sections above? I was going to create a module to simply output that data but this module has all the info and more, it seems to make sense to include that, right? What do you think? Thanks for all these goodies you've created btw
  7. Running into strange behaviors with the current firmware on Tetra. SSLsplit always shows as started even if it's not. I've emptied the page cache, restarted multiple times, it's not checked to autostart and yet it appears to be stuck in the 'started' state. Thought it might be browser cache, but clearing that didnt fix it either. Any thought?
  8. i have run into issues on the tetra where using dwall with other modules will cause them to stop, the latest one was sslsplit. it just stops, as if there was a crash, and it doesn't relaunch the module process. not sure how to investigate the cause of this in the logs...
  9. I too have this issue with my Tetra, using the Site Survey module. Same results, huge cap files that claim there's a handshake but it's not really doing it. I've even followed the same process that you have by converting them because of what's being created.
  10. Not to be a dick here, but trying to jam the signal of a drone and down it sounds like a terribly dangerous thing to do... unless it's yours and over your property, this could result in serious physical harm to others, not to mention lots of other legal things.
  11. Thank you both, this is really cool. I'm now even more interested in learning about rudimentary antenna technology. I had no idea that it would beacon out in a plane from the center, though understanding how a directional antenna works is easier to grasp. Either way, great stuff!
  12. Does anybody have tips for optimal positioning when it comes to antennas? For instance, which side do we aim in what direction for PineAP's functions, or are they all designed to operate vertically at 90 degrees for best signal?
  13. When attempting to use bully it always quits immediately with "Session save file appears corrupted, exiting" in the log file... any thoughts? Edit - solved my problem in about 15 seconds, so if anyone else runs into that, just ssh into the Pineapple and delete the files in /root/.bully/ and it should go away. Steps to reproduce: Start bully, wait a few minutes. Quit using stop button at the top. Attempt to resume session, unable to due to above error. Tried 3 times with the same results and had to delete files via ssh to get a new session going.
  14. would there be a way to enable the deauth / capture of multiple ap's at a time? like for instance when running airmon-ng one can grab multiple handshakes passively, correct?
  15. Thanks for the updates, looking forward to the new firmware :)
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