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  1. @davidhogg111 Good, time to stop the cyber bullying and find a way to connect to reality. Use real facts and stop c… https://t.co/W9ajlQk3rD

  2. RT @MalwareJake: When IT tells you "the patch is incompatible with our legacy software. But don't worry, we've mitigated the risk with a 'c…

  3. RT @BernardMcCarty: The story behind @SolarCoin_SLR Christmas Appeal for @SolarAId is now up! Details on how you can help the amazing @Sol…

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  8. @Snubs Hak5 makes me smile :D

  9. 14.6Kw Solar Array https://t.co/7GEOYLL0mL

  10. RT @ajlobster: Banking tips https://t.co/8Q90f056EZ

  11. Enjoy Wifite goodness, opkg updateopkg install reaverwget https://raw.github.com/psyvisions/wifite/master/wifite.pymv wifite.py /bin/cd ..cd /bin/chmod +x wifite.pywifite.py -mac -aircrack
  12. Great to see some solid documentation. It is help a lot.
  13. Don't worry about passwords ever again, sign up for @LastPass now! https://t.co/wLT8MhaA06

  14. So in a recap for 2014 my #Poodle took on the #Sandworm with a #shellshock causing a #heartbleed ing mess. @hak5darren

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