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  1. @davidhogg111 Good, time to stop the cyber bullying and find a way to connect to reality. Use real facts and stop c… https://t.co/W9ajlQk3rD

  2. RT @MalwareJake: When IT tells you "the patch is incompatible with our legacy software. But don't worry, we've mitigated the risk with a 'c…

  3. RT @BernardMcCarty: The story behind @SolarCoin_SLR Christmas Appeal for @SolarAId is now up! Details on how you can help the amazing @Sol…

  4. #solarcoinmeme nsy-21243173256 @solcrypto https://t.co/7majqAx0vQ

  5. Win a YI 360 VR Camera #thanksfromyi https://t.co/Dw22ZhE2iF

  6. I Just Entered @RedmondPie iPhone X Giveaway. Details Here: https://t.co/n9aESnVpZQ #RPiPhoneX #iPhoneX

  7. I'm raising money for Ben Cardelli’s Cabin Build. Click to Donate and learn why: https://t.co/ExzBo5w7vR via @gofundme

  8. @Snubs Hak5 makes me smile :D

  9. 14.6Kw Solar Array https://t.co/7GEOYLL0mL

  10. RT @ajlobster: Banking tips https://t.co/8Q90f056EZ

  11. Enjoy Wifite goodness, opkg updateopkg install reaverwget https://raw.github.com/psyvisions/wifite/master/wifite.pymv wifite.py /bin/cd ..cd /bin/chmod +x wifite.pywifite.py -mac -aircrack
  12. Have two Mark Vs and a Pineapple Plug for sale. - Mark V, with the original large blue 72 Hour battery with power cables. - Pineapple Plug (connects two Mark Vs together - Tango Mode) - with the first Mark V that I sell If buying both Mark V's I'll include the USB power cable as well. Both Mark Vs have a battery, and power/charging cables. $70 each or $120 both in a package. All upgraded to the latest 2.4 firmware.
  13. Yeah I was kind of curious about that as well. :( Kind of a waste for the plug. Have two Mark Vs and a plug. It was fun but really had a lot of issues with the hardware regardless. They work fine, but I'll probably find a dedicated use for my Mark Vs and work more with my nano. If I ever get the resources and approval from the wife I might get the Tetra.
  14. Red Team Security recently in the news sporting some Hak5 gear hacking a power company. http://www.redteamsecure.com/business-insider-rides-shotgun-as-redteam-security-hacks-the-power-grid/
  15. Leave it to WifiPineapple Nano to kick off 180 USB adapters. ;) might have to get me another one ;) Compared to my Mark Vs this thing is much better, all be it I'm a little later to the game, so thanks for working out most of the bugs for me. Samsung Galaxy S5 - not rooted Nexus 7 Asus Pwnpad Used the connector app, (first time was a cable issue, switched to the official cable for my S5 and no issues) Make sure the USB cable you are using is a data cable and not just a plain charging cable. I am finding most of my USB cables are not data cables lately. I do not have the developer option enabled on the S5, but I believe it is enabled on the Nexus 7, just have not tried tethering with it yet. Also found that it works fine with my Asus Chromebook, although I don't share my internet connection just connect via the USB Ethernet.
  16. I like the idea of keeping track of meta data related to how a SSID was captured and how many clients are looking for it, or if the SSID was only found via an access point via recon, of just one you entered into the pool list Occupineapple style. I'm guessing parsing the logs and creating a report based on the data logged would get us there, but I can see a lot of SSID analyses using mostly whats already built in just need a couple more fields to populate.
  17. Great to see some solid documentation. It is help a lot.
  18. Don't worry about passwords ever again, sign up for @LastPass now! https://t.co/wLT8MhaA06

  19. NovaSam


    Wonder if one could use the Hardware SDK on the Pineapple and connect the radio, then port the code as an infusion. Or run the original python code directly. Then you could not only sniff Wifi, but also go for the low hanging fruit. I also found the CreepyDOL very interesting as well.
  20. So in a recap for 2014 my #Poodle took on the #Sandworm with a #shellshock causing a #heartbleed ing mess. @hak5darren

  21. Can't wait to try it out on each of my pineapples. Keep up the good work.
  22. Just a couple I found searching the internets. Using Wifi Pinapple to attack Comcast Xfinity Wifi. http://www.networkworld.com/article/2365365/microsoft-subnet/evil-xfinity-wifi-access-point-poc-xfinity-pineapple-for-fun-profit-comcast-chaos.html http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/06/24/comcast_xfinity_evil_twin_steals_subcriptions/ Nothing like using Defcon22 to test the security of the Wifi Pineapple. http://www.networkworld.com/article/2462478/microsoft-subnet/hacker-hunts-and-pwns-wifi-pineapples-with-0-day-at-def-con.html
  23. RT @hak5darren: ZOMG Hackers! On WiFi? Thank Good Morning America! RT @_JesusAyala: @hak5darren @mubix Wifi Pineapple on GMA http://t.co/6…

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