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I´m unable to get the responder module running (stops directly after the start), so i did a short test on the shell:

root@Pineapple:/sd/modules/Responder/dep/responder# python Responder.py -I br-lan -wrf
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Responder.py", line 22, in <module>
    import settings
  File "/sd/modules/Responder/dep/responder/settings.py", line 20, in <module>
    import utils
  File "/sd/modules/Responder/dep/responder/utils.py", line 20, in <module>
    import logging
ImportError: No module named logging

Seems like there is a python class missing ? I already did a reinstall.

Thanks for any help :wink:

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I wanted to post my solution here in case anyone else has the "No module named logging" error.  

I initially installed the Responder module to my sd card and had installed about 12 other modules to both internal storage and the sd and I was receiving this error. I attempted reinstalling the python-logging package using opkg but that didn't help. I factory reset my Nano (firmware 1.1.3), formatted the sd card and installed only Responder to internal storage... still the same error.  But I noticed that logging was indeed missing from /usr/lib/python2.7.

Solution: I scp'd the /usr/lib/python2.7/logging directory from my Kali box into the Nano's python2.7 folder and rebooted.  Now it's working like a charm. I think the issue is with the python install on this firmware and not an issue with the sd card.  I'll try an install on the sd again at a later date.  Hope that helps someone who's banging their head against a wall trying to get it working. 

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I cannot  get the responder module to start. I installed the dependency in the web UI, when I hit start it looks like it's starting then says "Responder is not started" then if I hit it again it looks like it's running and says no logs but when I switch to another tab and then come back it shows responder is not started. Let me know what logs you need to help troubleshoot. 

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I have my pineapple tetra and I can't see the traffic with the Responder Module, I see the log file and it's empty, please help with this. Is there any tutorial or documentation about this module?. Thank you


02/27/2018 05:09:16 PM - Responder Started: ['./Responder.py', '-I', 'br-lan', '2']
02/27/2018 05:09:16 PM - Responder Config: Settings class:
    Settings.AnalyzeLogFile = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/Analyzer-Session.log
    Settings.AnalyzeMode = False
    Settings.Basic = False
    Settings.Bind_To =
    Settings.Challenge = "3DUfwˆ
    Settings.CommandLine = ['./Responder.py', '-I', 'br-lan', '2']
    Settings.DNS_On_Off = False
    Settings.DatabaseFile = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/Responder.db
    Settings.DontRespondTo = []
    Settings.DontRespondToName = []
    Settings.Exe_DlName = ProxyClient.exe
    Settings.Exe_Filename = files/BindShell.exe
    Settings.ExpandIPRanges = <bound method Settings.ExpandIPRanges of <settings.Settings instance at 0x9d9248>>
    Settings.FTPLog = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/FTP-Clear-Text-Password-%s.txt
    Settings.FTP_On_Off = False
    Settings.Finger_On_Off = False
    Settings.Force_WPAD_Auth = False
    Settings.HTTPBasicLog = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/HTTP-Clear-Text-Password-%s.txt
    Settings.HTTPNTLMv1Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/HTTP-NTLMv1-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.HTTPNTLMv2Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/HTTP-NTLMv2-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.HTTP_On_Off = True
    Settings.HtmlToInject = <img src='file://RespProxySrv/pictures/logo.jpg' alt='Loading' height='1' width='1'>
    Settings.Html_Filename = files/AccessDenied.html
    Settings.IMAPLog = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/IMAP-Clear-Text-Password-%s.txt
    Settings.IMAP_On_Off = True
    Settings.IP_aton = ¬*
    Settings.Interface = br-lan
    Settings.KerberosLog = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/MSKerberos-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.Krb_On_Off = False
    Settings.LDAPClearLog = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/LDAP-Clear-Text-Password-%s.txt
    Settings.LDAPNTLMv1Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/LDAP-NTLMv1-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.LDAP_On_Off = False
    Settings.LM_On_Off = False
    Settings.LogDir = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs
    Settings.MSSQLClearLog = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/MSSQL-Clear-Text-Password-%s.txt
    Settings.MSSQLNTLMv1Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/MSSQL-NTLMv1-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.MSSQLNTLMv2Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/MSSQL-NTLMv2-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.NBTNSDomain = False
    Settings.NumChal = 1122334455667788
    Settings.OURIP = None
    Settings.Os_version = linux2
    Settings.POP3Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/POP3-Clear-Text-Password-%s.txt
    Settings.POP_On_Off = True
    Settings.PoisonersLogFile = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/Poisoners-Session.log
    Settings.RespondTo = []
    Settings.RespondToName = []
    Settings.ResponderPATH = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder
    Settings.SMBClearLog = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/SMB-Clear-Text-Password-%s.txt
    Settings.SMBNTLMSSPv1Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/SMB-NTLMSSPv1-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.SMBNTLMSSPv2Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/SMB-NTLMSSPv2-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.SMBNTLMv1Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/SMB-NTLMv1-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.SMBNTLMv2Log = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/SMB-NTLMv2-Client-%s.txt
    Settings.SMB_On_Off = False
    Settings.SMTPClearLog = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/SMTP-Clear-Text-Password-%s.txt
    Settings.SMTP_On_Off = True
    Settings.SQL_On_Off = False
    Settings.SSLCert = certs/responder.crt
    Settings.SSLKey = certs/responder.key
    Settings.SSL_On_Off = True
    Settings.Serve_Always = False
    Settings.Serve_Exe = True
    Settings.Serve_Html = False
    Settings.SessionLogFile = /pineapple/modules/Responder/dep/responder/logs/Responder-Session.log
    Settings.Upstream_Proxy = None
    Settings.Verbose = None
    Settings.WPAD_On_Off = False
    Settings.WPAD_Script = function FindProxyForURL(url, host){if ((host == "localhost") || shExpMatch(host, "localhost.*") ||(host == "") || isPlainHostName(host)) return "DIRECT"; if (dnsDomainIs(host, "RespProxySrv")||shExpMatch(host, "(*.RespProxySrv|RespProxySrv)")) return "DIRECT"; return 'PROXY ISAProxySrv:3141; DIRECT';}
    Settings.Wredirect = False
    Settings.__doc__ = None
    Settings.__init__ = <bound method Settings.__init__ of <settings.Settings instance at 0x9d9248>>
    Settings.__module__ = settings
    Settings.__str__ = <bound method Settings.__str__ of <settings.Settings instance at 0x9d9248>>
    Settings.populate = <bound method Settings.populate of <settings.Settings instance at 0x9d9248>>
    Settings.toBool = <bound method Settings.toBool of <settings.Settings instance at 0x9d9248>> 

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