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  1. Hi, is there a way to enable https without the ACME (Let´s Encrypt) Client ? Like with an own Cert or with a WAF/Proxy in Front of the C2 Server ? I have a OPNsense Firewall in front of my Network with an HAProxy that holds all needed Certs for my DNS entries. Also the the valid Cert for my C2 Public DNS. So i don´t need/can´t run the C2 Server in https itself since the acme client is unable to get a cert. BUT the Client´s should connect via a secure tunnel to my OPNSense Firewall and get redirected interal to the C2 Server. But it looks like that the client doesn´t understand the https traffic, if the server itself doesn´t run in https mode. Maybe there is a flag missing in the config for https ?! I start the Server with: root@hak5c2:~/community# ./c2_community-linux-64 -hostname "c2.my-domain.tld" -listenport 80 [*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud C2 [*] Running Hak5 Cloud C2 With the HAProxy in front of the C2 that already holds the needed SSL-Cert, i´m able to connect via https to the C2 Server without any Error. I see the login screen. https://c2.my-domain.tld But, none client is able to connect this way. Are there any logs on the Pineapple for example for the C2 connect ? Thanks for any help!
  2. If the HAK5 Team is going to support RPI´s as a Dropbox to connect to the C2 and also release a "General Linux Version" (https://forums.hak5.org/topic/44493-are-raspberry-pis-supported/) THEN please, the Mark V should not be left on the way and also get a support for the cloud. #SupportMarkVC2
  3. Hi, i´m glad to hear and read about the C2 Cloud - awseome work! Just wanted to know if you going to support the Mark V, too. They lieing around and would be the perfect drop box. It wont hurt me that much if the MARK V get´s lost instead of the actual Nano or Tetra. Thanks @the whole Hak5 Team
  4. I made one on my Prusa i3 MK2s and it fits perfect! Thank you
  5. Just a quick brainstorming...with or without sense What a about a .htaccess file to protect the Login, nobody know´s what´s behind change webserver config to allow only some IP´s to the Login for the admin folder seperate IP range for clients or a smaller netmask so you can route Client´s separate Own network interface for clients or a VLAN
  6. Hello, can a Packet Squirrel owner please test and post the OpenVPN throughput (maybe in combination with the CPU usage) ? Since it has the same Hardware specs as the WiFi Pineapple Nano, i´m sure the CPU has not enough power for a good, stabil connection. My Nano for example has not enough power for the encryption. Thanks!
  7. Have a Pi Zero W here and want to create excatly the same in combination with the Pineapple Nano. The Nano has not enough CPU/RAM so i want to use bettercap on the Pi Zero W. Still searching for the best way to connect it to the pineapple (WiFi, usb2eth to pineapple or usb2eth to rpi). The nano is so unstable that i only use it to collect the clients. Some hint for this Project ?
  8. The Module and installation worked just fine for me Thanks for your work Zylla! One suggestion: Would be cool if the upstream interface could be set in the GUI. In my case i use "wlan2" (connect to an AndroidAP) instead of "brlan". Now i just have the problem that the Mana-Toolkit itself is unusable on the Nano because of it´s CPU and Memory consumption. After one minute or more the nano has a load > 8.0 with only one client connected. Loading a website on the client needs more than 30 sec. The nano gets unstable and reboot.
  9. I´m going to setup my Nano with my Nethunter Device (OnePlus One / Nexus 7) to stay mobile Should have enough power to mitm some clients. I can privide more infos when i´m done. Still have some problems with bettercap on it.
  10. Just found this Site here and want to share it --> https://holisticsecurity.io/2016/02/27/wardriving-wifi-pineapple-nano-mobile-world-congress-2016-barcelona/ The Author use the GPS Signal from the Android Smartphone over adb instead of a extra gps dervice.
  11. Yes, correct! But only HTTP Traffic - not HTTPS. You can also use tcpdump to save the complete Traffic. You can analyse the file later on your PC with wireshark or some other scripts. The PineAP is what you need. It will broadcast the SSID´s. It won´t really work without any internet connection (you will only recieve some connection testing scripts from your connected clients but nothing usefull in most caseses)
  12. I´m not 100% sure what you exaclty mean or need, but you can also run the PIA VPN via OpenVPN on the pineapple itself. So the complete client traffic goes from the pineapple directly to your VPN Provider. They surf with the public VPN Provider IP.
  13. Hi Zylla, thanks for your hard work and share! I´m just stucking in the dark - what i should do with the MANA-Toolkit on the pineapple. Is it better then the PineAP itself or do you combine them ? The EAP thing is new on the pineapple (i mean). In which case do you use it on your pineapple ?
  14. I´m still looking for a smart way to inject the hook.js in every http website! I tried some options on my Nethunter device (since there is no tool on the Nano itsself) with "mitmf" but it doesn´t work at all. Because the networf interface for the mobile options "rmnet0" doesn´t have a MAC-Address.So an arp spoof won´t work.I tested the dns spoof, but the client connects to the pineapple and the dns server is the pineapple itself no dns requests are spoofed behind the pineapple on the nethunter device. I tested also the responder module on the nano with a small modification for the HTMLtoInject part...but it was also not useable. Last ideas: Change the DHCP Server on the pineapple -> set the nethunter device as dns-server to fire up mitmf with dns spoof and inject the hook.js this way. Does anybody know where i can find the old MKv Modules (beef helpfer and mitm) to check how they worked ? Thanks!
  15. Yes, but this is THAT real issue! I have to pay much more delivery and dont forget the tax So the Europe-Shop is the best place to shop for us europe people. But until there are no new and more Products are availiable i cant use the service. Hopefully Rkiver will find a solution
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