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  1. I made one on my Prusa i3 MK2s and it fits perfect! Thank you
  2. Have a Pi Zero W here and want to create excatly the same in combination with the Pineapple Nano. The Nano has not enough CPU/RAM so i want to use bettercap on the Pi Zero W. Still searching for the best way to connect it to the pineapple (WiFi, usb2eth to pineapple or usb2eth to rpi). The nano is so unstable that i only use it to collect the clients. Some hint for this Project ?
  3. I´m going to setup my Nano with my Nethunter Device (OnePlus One / Nexus 7) to stay mobile Should have enough power to mitm some clients. I can privide more infos when i´m done. Still have some problems with bettercap on it.
  4. Just found this Site here and want to share it --> https://holisticsecurity.io/2016/02/27/wardriving-wifi-pineapple-nano-mobile-world-congress-2016-barcelona/ The Author use the GPS Signal from the Android Smartphone over adb instead of a extra gps dervice.
  5. I´m not 100% sure what you exaclty mean or need, but you can also run the PIA VPN via OpenVPN on the pineapple itself. So the complete client traffic goes from the pineapple directly to your VPN Provider. They surf with the public VPN Provider IP.
  6. I´m still looking for a smart way to inject the hook.js in every http website! I tried some options on my Nethunter device (since there is no tool on the Nano itsself) with "mitmf" but it doesn´t work at all. Because the networf interface for the mobile options "rmnet0" doesn´t have a MAC-Address.So an arp spoof won´t work.I tested the dns spoof, but the client connects to the pineapple and the dns server is the pineapple itself no dns requests are spoofed behind the pineapple on the nethunter device. I tested also the responder module on the nano with a small modification for the HTMLtoInject part...but it was also not useable. Last ideas: Change the DHCP Server on the pineapple -> set the nethunter device as dns-server to fire up mitmf with dns spoof and inject the hook.js this way. Does anybody know where i can find the old MKv Modules (beef helpfer and mitm) to check how they worked ? Thanks!
  7. Yes, but this is THAT real issue! I have to pay much more delivery and dont forget the tax So the Europe-Shop is the best place to shop for us europe people. But until there are no new and more Products are availiable i cant use the service. Hopefully Rkiver will find a solution
  8. Hi Thermostaten,

    i saw some interesting scripts on your screenshot in your Responder reply. What scripts are you using to detect the pineapple and start up the mitm fun ?

    Thanks for some info :wink:


  9. Hello, i use the Nano in combination with my Nexus Nethunter device which is running beef on it. So i´m searching the best way to inject the hook.js. I tested the Pineapple´s Landingpage (because this is the perfect place for such a script) but it breaks the normal web surfing since only the landingpage is coming up and nothing else if i enable the landinpage. Is this normal ? If so, is there a way to add a redirect to the original url the client requested after the hook ? There was a module for the MarkV ("beef helper" and later the MiTM Module) but only for the old Fimrware Version. How do you inject the Beef´s hook.js on the pineapple ? Thanks for any hint´s
  10. Had you tried to install a module via SSH on the shell and install the depencies manual via script (as i described one post before) ? Is there the same error ? Does it work for you if you install a module to internal instead of SD-Card ?
  11. There is no general problem with the Nano and installing modules. Mine works just fine 1.0.6 as many other. Please install them via ssh on your shell to debug the problem. For the Deauth Module for example run this file: /pineapple/modules/Deauth/scripts/dependencies.sh or do it manuall with opkg update && opkg install mdk3 --dest sd
  12. I don´t mean the Host is - i mean the target itself. No, it´s not. Mine is stable. Maybe you are running to much modules the same time. Please check your process and cpu load on shell with "top" for example.
  13. Sorry dermitname, but this a commuity forum so you can´t expect immediate help. We are not a 24/7 first level support It´s also our all freetime here! To your problem: Try to format the SD-Card in the pineapple. Go to your pineapple webinterface -> Advanced, press the arrow down beside "USB" and choose Format SD Card. Then test it again. On the otherside, is the SD-Card still ok and healthy ? The SD-Card works well in any other device ? Try to copy some files on the shell to your card. Maybe you will see there some more infos. What kind of card do you use ?
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