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  1. Ah ha! I found the unbricking instructions on the LAN Turtle wiki. Worked like a charm: https://lanturtle.com/wiki/#!index.md
  2. Okay, I yanked the Turtle and reconnected it to USB. Host PC doesn't get an IP and the amber LED stays off. Going to bed, will be back tomorrow.
  3. This might be relevant (I don't know) but my host PC already had a wired ethernet connection when I connected the Turtle. Maybe it's confused about where the internet is coming from?
  4. Hi everyone, I just connected my LAN Turtle for the first time, and was following the instructions in the 101 - First Boot and Software Update video. Everything was going fine: Windows 7 detected and installed the Realtek USB lan adaptor, I was able to ping it on and was able to SSH into it using Putty. I connected it to a wired network with DHCP, and told it to perform a software update. It downloaded the package and closed the SSH connection. . . and that was 40 minutes ago. All I have is a steady green LED, no amber LED to suggest a boot sequence. I'm worried about what to do now, because I don't want to brick my Turtle. At this point, I can't ping it, but there is still a Realtek USB FE family controller device in Device Manager and Network Connections. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm not running any extra modules at all. The top command returns nothing unusual (not stuck at 99%)
  6. I've had a go from a Windows 10 64-bit machine with the same result. Are you sure it's the host OS? It seems unlikely to me that this would affect how the Pineapple operates. EDIT: I have tried using my Pineapple from a Kali Linux VM, and the result is the same. In addition, my Pineapple frequently becomes unresponsive, and requires a reboot. Is this a known issue for firmware 1.0.6?
  7. Hi everyone, I got my WiFi Pineapple Nano a couple of days ago, and I have started to experiment with it. So far, I am trying to copy what Darren does in this tutorial video, which is basic use as a rogue Access Point with PineAP. I have set up internet connection sharing, and my Pineapple has internet access. Recon is working, and I can see my target Access Point and Client. I have enabled PineAP daemon, and ticked all the boxes in PineAP configuration. I can send deauthorisation commands, and under Logging I am getting multiple Probe Requests from my target machine. However, it won't connect as a client. Both Client Filtering and SSID Filtering lists are empty (both in deny mode). On my dashboard I have 15 SSIDs in Pool, but 0 clients connected. I am using pineapple firmware 1.0.6, host device is Windows 7 64-bit (Google Chrome).
  8. I managed to solve this issue with help from another forum. Check this out: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2493314
  9. The solution for the domain turned out to be fairly simple in the end: all I had to do was log in to Domain.com and change the nameservers of my domain to ns1.digitalocean.com, ns2.digitalocean.com, and ns3.digitalocean.com. Then, I logged into my DigitalOcean control panel, and added my domain to the droplet with the "Add a domain" menu item. ZaraByte, you were correct. The public IP was in the SQL, and I had to reinstall. This wasn't a big deal, as I had already backed up my database and files.
  10. I added xx.xx.xx.xx my.domain.com to /etc/hosts, but "my.domain.com" still resolves to the old webserver, which is what I expected. I'm just trying to figure out what DNS record(s) I need to change to point to the new server.
  11. Okay, let me try to explain. I created the droplet with a standard public IP address. Using the public IP, I connected with SSH, I copied the phpBB files, and I set up the database. I went to my.public.ip.address/install and ran the install script. Everything went fine. Now, I just want to point my domain to the public IP of the server so users see the domain instead of the public IP.
  12. The forum is installed to the root of the html directory. I don't want a subdomain, just the main domain.
  13. Hi everyone, I have created a droplet on DigitalOcean, and now I want my domain on Domain.com to point to it. It's just a LAMP stack with a phpBB forum installed to /var/www/html/ I would like my users to see http://my.domain.com/viewforum.php instead of the public IP. What are the minimum settings I need to achieve this? Do I have to add a htaccess file? Many thanks.
  14. It looks like my pentester client is missing this command when it dials in: /sbin/ip route add via metric 101 Any idea how to run this?
  15. My home network is definitely I have rewatched the video, and I cannot identify any difference between his procedure and mine. I genuinely can't tell if its a VPN config issue or some routing problem on the RPi.
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