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  1. so essentially im wanted to preform arp-poising mitm attack with http, imap and pop3 with challenge spoofing and either sort it there or log it to a pcap file for me to run through networkminer, responder seems to be the way to go, but im not sure how to set it up.
  2. You see, real devices will not connect to the pineapple, only phones and they are pretty useless. people do not answer questions here, they answer their own question. please help me with responder. also dwall does not log or sort the data like cain and abel does or save it as pcap for something like networkminer to analyse. With two powerful network cards, the heart of the pineapple, surely ill be able to do the same thing as my intel ac7260. im open to ssh into pineapple as i can make my own module when its all configured. the reason i got the pineapples was to preform arp-poisoning and i got both your tacticals to make sure i was not missing anything and now im kinda upset
  3. I am completely and utterly disappointed. i have been searching for weeks to find out how to preform a arp-poising MITM attack to sniff plain text credentials, the best thing i could find was Responder. There is no guide on how to use this explicitly on the WiFi Pineapple. I have basically paid $250 for a box. The last person to ask about this did not get anywhere in terms of help either. Please Can somebody in this entire forum show me how i can configure Responder to work on a Wireless network. Like from the ground level. What options do i select, do i connect in client mode (Wlan1, Wlan0) ect. Please, this was a big investment for me.
  4. So we connect the wifi pineapple in client mode to the network then run this?
  5. The thing is i dont want ssl, i want a arp poisoning attack for plain text passwords, imap and pop3. can anyone please just either link or make a tutorial as to how i can do this? starting to get annoying
  6. There isnt a tutorial on ettercap and sslsplit its for https not http, pop3 or imap wireshark is for windows or gui linux and again there isnt a tutorial on it
  7. Aim: Preform arp-poisoning mitm attack on a open network e.g. Bruce Wayne Free WiFi, All that is required is http credentials, IMAP and POP3 Equipment: Wifi Pineapple Tetra and Nano Could somebody, ideally Darren Kitchen himself create a tutorial as to how i could go about connecting the tetra to an open network, scanning the subnet for a list of client ip's and routing the packets through the tetra saving the log to a pcap file. Also, if someone could recommend/open-source pcap file analyser for windows This is the only thing i want to be able to do with both the pineapples. If i can do this i will definitely recommend this device to my friends. At the moment i'm a little disappointed that i cant find anything on this :/ Thanks in Advance :)
  8. Could you please make a video tutorial on how to properly use this module. I cant seem to properly work it out. Thanks in advance :)
  9. I'm not that interested in HTTPS, i just want to be able to sniff HTTP and POP3 on an OPEN network, i read about using responder but there isn't any documentation that i could find or a tutorial on it.
  10. i have a tetra and a nano, um maybe try holding it for 3-5 seconds
  11. Well, for the past year or so, i have been using cain and abel to sniff http passwords and pop3 passwords and i was doing okay, but not as efficient as i wanted. My friend recommended me a wifi pineapple so i bought a nano tactical and a tetra tactical. i somewhat understand how to set it up but i was wondering if there was any sort of module that would give me a similar sort of user interface where i can just afk and have it crawl for psws. considering i spent $525 aud on the pineapples and like 200 on postage, i really hope i'll be able to do a similar thing, possibly this time with https sites. i saw a video on ssl strip but the closest module i could find is ssl split and the output its not very clear.
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