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Analog.5 (Hak5 eZine)


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About a week ago, I had a plan for a Hak5 eZine that anyone in the community could participate to. Everyone I pitched it too like the idea. I thought to myself that the best way to test it would be to see the community's response, and go from there. Now, here I am with the run down

I. Writers

To start out, I will have the role of Editor and Chief. All other members of the Thunder Kitten Assault Force that are involved with the project so far (Moonlit, Mubix) will get the role of Executive Editors.

II. Article General

Articles can be submitted in a variety of ways. DCC through IRC, email to an editor, pastebin (Slexy). Whether or not a column is being done will have to be made clear. Columns will have to be repeatedly published for each new issue, so a minimum number of articles per column will have to be established. 6 article minimum seems to be acceptable. If you wish to stop writing (everyone gets tired), you can quit, but must first notify an editor if it will be their last submission so a new person to fill the slot can be found if we want to continue the column. You don't get to publish anymore articles for that column if you quit unless the current writer quits as well.

Articles can be reviews, editorials, tutorials, etc. Columns can range in anything, like coding, or perhaps even Linux. Other Articles can come in on a regular basis, and of course be published by themselves in no column.

A "Whatsupdate" kinda thing will be put in as the first thing to read, followed by a table of contents.

Obviously, submitted articles will have to go through a very layed back rubric. If you write the entire article like you are texting someone, It won't be accepted. You have a whole keyboard. Other points, like being very vague in a tutorial ( "You put that thing in the other thing" ), or not knowing anything that your writing about is an area where the article is rejected. Notifications of rejection and reasons will be given out if it doesn't meat specifications.

III. Release

Release should be monthly, or bi-monthly, depending on the amount of response is acquired. As longs as the articles show effort, they are in.

Magazine will be in a txt format. Pictures can only be included in Ascii art form.

Translations can be done by those willing. It WILL take a while. Running it through a generator would not be a good idea. Those of us who are fluent in two or more languages might want to help out in this.

IV. Property

Writers own each article they write, but Hak5 is allowed to redistribute it in any other format, whenever, where ever. Credit will always be given.

V. Censorship

The material in the articles is a direct representation of Hak5. You know what is appropriate or not. You can handle it by yourself.


==Submission Guidelines==

Submitting an article is easy, but there are rules and guidelines.

*No Anarchy, this is a hacking zine

*Hak5 has an extended audience. You know what is appropriate in the way of language

*We ask all articles are submitted in English. Main magazine will be in English, but we do want translations, so you can send your article in other languages.

*No mature themes

*You have a full keyboard, use it

*Avoid being vague

*Please, this will be released in txt. No pictures unless in Ascii

*Pladgerism will NOT be tolerated at all, and result in a ban from article submission


==How to Submit==

If you would like to submit an article, or purpose a column, its as simple as emailing Analog5@live.com

Please Include:

*Your Name or Handle

*Article Title


*Email address if different from one you are writing from

* (If purposing a Column) A brief paragraph about what your column will be about


Any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. Please email Analog5@live.com



==Contact Editors==



<mubix's email>

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I'm working on understanding just how those Rainbow Tables work. I read the paper that is being used as a basis for it all, but so far can't really make much of it. Once I figure that one out I'm planning to write something about it and pass it on to you.

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