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Can you flash OpenWrt on the MK5?


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Yea, that was for the old versions that started out as Fon routers. They were incredibly cheap at the time, which caused a few of the dd-wrt devs to spend time on porting it to them. The new one isn't capable. Well, you probably could, but nothing would work. It's a custom board designed specifically for the hak5 guys.

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There is a guide somewhere on the wiki for flashing OpenWRT onto the MK5. You have to cross compile the firmware yourself and it's not just a straightforward thing and you could brick your pineapple.

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When you say brick the pineapple, do you mean brick the pineapple, as in permanently? Would flashing OpenWRT require overwriting the recovery botloader?

Well nothing is ever bricked permanetaly but it would be a huge pain in the ass to get it back up and running if you messed something up and I'd say it wouldnt be worth it, so yes possibly. And Yes to your second question as well (as far as i know)

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Hi guys,

There is currently no "stock" OpenWRT image available, but the sources for stock OpenWRT can be found on our Wiki (along with an in-depth build guide).

Be aware that building this image as-is, means no SSH, no LEDs setup, etc. It's pure, stock OpenWRT.

Will you need to overwrite the bootloader? No.

Could you? Yes, absolutely. Make sure that you know what you are doing when flashing, especially when not using the sysupgrade route.

We may release a clean OpenWRT build down the line that has the very bare minimum set up to start working, but it's not on top of our list of things to do.

Best Regards,


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