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[Support] ADS-B Tracker

Darren Kitchen

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I'd like to have a feature on this that saves the the aircraft information so when you set it up some where and you leave it it saves the log of all the aircraft it seen.

maybe an option to clean to saved log history as well

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Hi all. I've written an Infusion as a front-end to dump1090. This allows you to nicely track aircraft from your WiFi Pineapple.

The infusion requires firmware version 1.1.1+ as that's where we implemented native support for the oh-so-fun RTL-SDR. I've tested it with the DVB-T dongles we (and many others) offer in the HakShop.

The infusion allows you to configure a few parameters, start and stop the service, list beacon frames and see aircraft in a realtime map.





List view


Map view

Change log:


- fixed map tab to work with any pineapple IP (it has previously been hard coded to

- prettied up map and list tab in case dump1090 daemon isn't running


- initial release

hi darren. os your code open source??? I was thinking of adding a log file option and when you click on the plane icon to give you some more informations such as plane name and company, trip details etc. ? please let me know if i can publish anything! ?


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Having the same issue, not every time but quite often.

I'm also having the lockup issue. I just set it up on my Pineapple last night. Seemed to be working, left it to run overnight, and came back to a frozen browser tab. After that, any time I pulled up the infusion, it'd freeze. Didn't seem to be a browser issue, as the Pineapple took a LONG time to respond to a page reload.

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Maybe it's already known (in that case: sorry for that, I'm new here :smile: ) but I saw a little glitch today in the infusion. When clicking on the notification panel the infusion is outputting some HTML. It's not effecting the actual functions of the infusion.


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Ok, sorry to ask this but don't seem to be able to find the answer, simply put is there anyway to make the "Map view" tab go to <pineapIP>:9090

Whats happening is that I cant get the map up from the tab, no matter what I do, but if I manually replace 1471 with 9090 at the end of the pineapples ip, I get the map view immediately..

Would just be nice to not have to do it manually.

Thanks for any help...

Another day, another thing I discover the pineapple can do..

And yes, I will admit to having a eureka moment when I realised that the SDR plugged straight into the pineapple and not the PC... After reading (and failing) to get dump1090 working under win7.

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