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  1. Hi @curtis9929 Have you try the instructions on the Card the device came with ???
  2. MK7AC MODULE is still on dev stage. ( considering the release video ) it seems the MKVII has headers ( same goes for the Kismet LED board ) the facts are, no 5G on board and 5G module is comming 🙂
  3. $99 is def a competitive price for the rest of the products as well as in the general market.. I really hope Hak5 is not doing the same as Apple does with the USB C adaptors 😕 You cant complain relly with a $99 router 😜 Also to some extend... 2.4G has better range and it is not a legacy WIFI freq so if you have a victim on 5G 99% is also having 2.4G to connect ... and you also get better range .. having the latest and greatest technology does not affect or improve the end goal and how the MK7 will perform ... ( saying that ... it will be great to have 5G in so I dont have to waiste anothrer$15 for post when the module comes out ..... )
  4. In reference to It depends what use you will like to get out of it .. Firmware is resonably "OK" but it is lacking fanctionality in comarison to latest if your objective is to get back into the hobby then its a good starting point instead of spending some $$
  5. It will be nice from the Hak5 Team that is responsible for the FW to be hacker minded and think of ways that recent legacy hardware will be usable still.. specialy equipment costs $200. Regardless of the result on this topic, it is not.....cool... not to see some love on the FW support... I will be very sad to see the same for future hardware versions. it will make me think that the Hak5 team is only looking to do sales of HW isntead of supporting the community with FW and software upadates too ( Dont be Apple people 😛 😛 )
  6. IMO it sound like something that you will need to make yourself Wigle is a good option ( if this is close to what you want to do...) Also it has a good app Also you contribute to a bigger community there Considering Wigle has an app for mobile phone and your phone has GPS it is pretty accurrate
  7. Few things here Have you itry a different computer and/or a differnt USB cable ? ( or port ) Have you try just powering the pineapple from a Battery bank ? ( no data on USB in this case ) Is the device recognised as Network interface at all ? Have you try Factory reset as described here https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471774-Firmware-Recovery ^^ READ THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY If it is still an issue If you are within the RMA coverage you then will get a support response.. Please consider the fact that support might be overwelmed with ticekts etc... If you are outside the RMA coverage sorry.. bad luck https://shop.hak5.org/pages/returns-and-refunds https://shop.hak5.org/pages/policy I am confident the support folks will let you know soon ! GOOD LUCK bud!
  8. hi bud, I dont believe I have seen a "user guide for any" pineapple There is a book for the Tetra and Nano which is really describing features based on WIFI PA Firmware really .. Maybe if you share what is that you want to achive we might be abvle to helkp a bit more. Any specific question that you didnt find an answer by searching on this forum perhaps ?
  9. I am also a bit dissapointed as this area of the dashboard can be ustilised for so many other things ... ie: Allow a custom RSS feed to be send on this area , Allow widgets to be linked on this area so we dont have to go into different modules Allow Quick actions Allow Custom HTML or Remove it or Update the Buletings @Darren Kitchen@Foxtrot@Sebkinne Is there a repo I can open an issue againts it ? or any plans around this ??? I remember back ( 2 years ago when I ask for it I was told htis feature will bne removed ... )
  10. will post you a pi4 4GB is you are still up for it !
  11. hi bud, is this still available .. also I am based in London UK would you post ?
  12. can I run all of my 3 tetras with this kismet and use a pi to collect data and doing the monitoring ?
  13. Why I have not think of it :) :p
  14. Hi all, I was thinking if it would be a good idea to have a page ( within the c.portal folder) so we can access this page and see all the saved data Possibly the portal will export these data to a CSV file and the html page will create a table of the csv file ? Any opinions? John
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