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  1. stilia.johny

    Pineapples With Kismet Web Inerface?

    can I run all of my 3 tetras with this kismet and use a pi to collect data and doing the monitoring ?
  2. stilia.johny

    Evil Portals

    Why I have not think of it :) :p
  3. stilia.johny

    Evil Portals

    Hi all, I was thinking if it would be a good idea to have a page ( within the c.portal folder) so we can access this page and see all the saved data Possibly the portal will export these data to a CSV file and the html page will create a table of the csv file ? Any opinions? John
  4. stilia.johny

    WTS Pineapple Nano Tatical Elite + BASH Bunny

    hey. I am interested to the Bash bunny
  5. stilia.johny

    Pineapple Tetra Schematic

    connector is broke and the PCB trace. The reason I ask is because I was under the impression that pineapple was open hardware.
  6. stilia.johny

    Pineapple Tetra Schematic

    hi there. I wanted to ask if there is a way to get hand of a Tetra schematic. I broke both of the microUSB connections really badly and I am trying to repair my tetra. PLEASE
  7. stilia.johny

    Dashboard - Notifications

    I will guess it will has to do with each individual module.
  8. stilia.johny

    Evil Portals

    I found I helpful when I restart the Ngnix Server You could do it by accessing it via SSH and give the command bellow /etc/init.d/ngnix restart This is the solution that I came across with. Bare in mind @kbeflo is right, it will need internet to work. However I fond that you could enable the landing page with similar code as the captive portal and it will work just fine! ( you won't be able to do portal authorisations though! )
  9. stilia.johny

    Evil Portals

    Hi all. Great job @kbeflo I have a suggestion for your captive portal templates. I am using it for a while and it is great! After searching for a while I found that you can put notifications at the Dashboard notifications tile by using the command pineapple notify [text] so what I did, I edit the MyPortal.php from these templates and I add the following code exec("pineapple notify $email'-'$pwd"); after the line 18 before the "}" the results are showing bellow at the screenshot! Let me know about your thoughts!
  10. stilia.johny

    Evil portal doesn't pop up

    interesting .. would you have any thoughts on why is not doing up on mine ?? very weird?! I am about to try with a second tetra that I have just to check..
  11. stilia.johny

    Evil portal doesn't pop up

    I checked the tetra and it has internet, the bulletin is hoping up. I ve notice, even if I enable the landing page and disable the EP , the landing page is still not posing up. Very weird. PS : I did try with many devices, iOS , Android
  12. stilia.johny

    Evil portal doesn't pop up

    I ve notice it required internet connection from when I had the MK5 .. I am using my android to tether.. it should be ok. What is ICS by the way? ( a bit of newbie! )
  13. stilia.johny

    Evil portal doesn't pop up

    Hi all. I have a Tetra with the latest FW installed. I did a factory reset to ensure all settings will be working as normal and I install the Evil Portal. The problem that I am experiencing is: after a fresh installation of the FW and the Evil portal I create a new test portal ( through the web interface) I activate the portal I start the Evil Portal and when I connect a device to the Tetra's WiFi the portal doesn't pop-up. Remember . it is a fresh installation and the only module install is the Evil portal. Did anyone had the same problem ?! Many thanks John
  14. stilia.johny

    Wifi admin -- not connecting

    I have the same problem.. Tbh on my Tetra is not connecting on both Admin or Open AP. I have to reset the network by update the network settings, which eventually will reset the WIFi.