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  1. Hey @stilia.johny Sorry for the delayed answer, the notification ended up in the spam folder... 😞 yes, the Mark V is still available, I'll PM you with detail (y)
  2. Ok, I got the SOLUTION! : STATIC IP AND CUSTOM MAC: # Set Static IP & Custom MAC uci set network.lan.proto='static' uci set network.lan.ipaddr='' uci set network.lan.gateway='' uci set network.lan.dns='' uci set network.lan.netmask='' /etc/init.d/network restart ifconfig eth0 down ifconfig eth0 hw ether 12:00:15:b7:13:37 ifconfig eth0 up This way you set your static IP, restart network to commit the changes, take eth0 down, set MAC and put eth0 back up again. If you restart the network, you get
  3. Well, the shark jack is an openwrt, so the networking should be defined in /etc/config/network. And then there is the NETMODE command... But luckily the NETMODE command is just the following script: root@shark:/etc/config# cat /usr/bin/NETMODE #!/bin/bash function show_usage() { echo "Usage: $0 [DHCP_CLIENT|DHCP_SERVER]" echo "" } case $1 in "DHCP_CLIENT") uci set network.lan.proto='dhcp' ;; "DHCP_SERVER") uci set network.lan.proto='none' /etc/init.d/odhcpd start ;; *) show_usage exit 0 ;; esac so i t
  4. @kdodge : No, there is no /etc/network/interfaces, not even an /etc/network folder... I really did not manage to set a static MAC and IP. Anyone else having an idea?
  5. I am getting pretty tired now... I really tried hard, i must be missing something: As I do not want to fire off a DHCP request, i selected NETMODE TRANSPARENT. With the following ifconfig commands I tried to achieve static IP and hw address set: # Change MAC address ifconfig eth0 down ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX ifconfig eth0 netmask up route add default gw and I always get a random MAC. When I select NETMODE DHCP i get my custom MAC but an IP from DHCP... I was already looking for a way to set the shark random
  6. @lespacefish thank you for sharing! Any idea what I can do if I do not want a dhcp but only a static IP *and* the custom MAC?
  7. most of these cheap chinese cameras have limited functionality and are very bad in terms of security... (not saying the more expensive ones are better 🙂 ) What you can do is dumping the memory, usually the firmware is on a SOP8 Chip which you can dump via a BIOS ROM reader (https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_dYbO35F ). Then unpack it with binwalk and edit the password which is hardcoded in the firmware. Then simply pack it and write it back to the chip... Boot the camera and there you go! there are many cool things you can do by editing the firmware this way. Like import additional fe
  8. Thanks for this! Have you had your key for more than a year now! 🙂 I just need to know as I have to file the annual cost of our future cloud c2....
  9. Thank you for your response! @Darren KitchenI have seen that, but if I don't need additional support, will the server continue to run with my licence? Will I be eligible for newer versions or will i be stuck with my version?
  10. What happens if you, after the pine disconnected, manually restart the CloudC2 Connection? maybe you see something in the output of the script...
  11. @Darren Kitchen any info on this? Or am I just too stupid to read the docs? 😛
  12. Hey Guys Is the cloud c2 licence for 500 respectively 250 USD for lifetime (with 1 year support) or just for one year? Thanks for a quick respnse (I am about to get funds ready for a "Hak5 gear-up" at my company... 🙂 )
  13. Hey Guys I just found my old Mark V in its original box, with all the cables, the quickstart guide, a pineapple sticker and the additional USB to Pineapple Cable (Juice Cable)... But I simply have no use for it anymore. If anyone is interested in it (for collection/for use or whatever) I would be willing to swap it for something else from hak5 or anything you come up with that makes my pentesting/HAM heart happy... Pictures: (sorry, attachement quota filled with one image and cannot delete it anymore... ;( ) https://ibb.co/KNMY7qm https://ibb.co/3Tr8tV1 https://ibb.co/JpfG58J h
  14. build your own, delete unneeded stuff or copy the functions needed: https://github.com/nmap/nmap https://svn.nmap.org/
  15. Plunderbug does not work on iOS Devices... It works only on Computers and some Android devices with root access: https://shop.hak5.org/products/bug And the Plunderbug is not primarily thought to be a standard network interface card (NIC). Plunderbug is thought to intercept between the two network ports it has. But you can also use it as standard NIC. Read the docs below and have a look at the mode changing (2nd link) https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360019046533-How-to-tap-an-Ethernet-link-with-the-Plunder-Bug https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/3600188
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