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  1. Ok, sorry to ask this but don't seem to be able to find the answer, simply put is there anyway to make the "Map view" tab go to <pineapIP>:9090 Whats happening is that I cant get the map up from the tab, no matter what I do, but if I manually replace 1471 with 9090 at the end of the pineapples ip, I get the map view immediately.. Would just be nice to not have to do it manually. Thanks for any help... Another day, another thing I discover the pineapple can do.. And yes, I will admit to having a eureka moment when I realised that the SDR plugged straight into the pineapple and not the PC... After reading (and failing) to get dump1090 working under win7.
  2. Yeah, I too had wondered about this, seems ideal for the pineapple... *Just go stand outside the local apple store and watch and wait... *Hypothetically of course. No hacking with my pineapple..
  3. That's enough of a crumb for me. thank you...
  4. Very new to this so could be something I'm not seeing but after downloading the ardronepwn infusion, and after confirming its installed, I am unable to see the "box" for ardronepwn anywhere... is this normal or am I just being a bit thick?? Cornz...
  5. Forget that, tried again and it seems to be up...
  6. Hi, I believe there still may be issues? I have just receieved my pineapple and have set it up, however, I did not upgrade the firmware. I could happily DL infusions. Then after updating the latest firmware (the MD5 passed) I can now not see any infusions at all. Posted at 17:00 gmt. is there still an issue??? Or am I being a bit thick somehow...
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