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USB to TTL with 5 pins...


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I just debricked my Mark 4 Pineapple and it was because it just kept rebooting repeatedly but that started after I tried the reset button under it. Anyway I did the debricking with the serial usb thing from the hak shop and as long as its got the serial to usb devices hooked up and connected to my computer the pineapple is fine the second i disconnect it its back to rebooting. I messed with the pins and found it only does it when I disconnect the ground pin. Any idea's as to why this is or how to get it to stop without grounding itself to probably the negative line.

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I connected the 5V VDD pin (and my pineapple is dead ... :/ do you have any solution?

Nope, it's dead. This is why we state to never connect the voltage pins. If you do, 3.3V is the one you need. But there is no need to connect any voltage pins.

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