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certified noobs


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I remember Duelus was once certified, he basically just asked to have it removed.

in every case that i can remember noobs were usually kinda annoying and basically seemed to deserve it. You know the usual things that would piss moonlit off. Repeated posts on the same thing, asking stupid questions etc etc

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lol I can't actually assign Certified Noob status but you're right, those things do piss me off ;)

How are you a Forum Enforcer if you cant label and box people? Blasphemy.

ah, because he can delete and lock threads at will. Most important because he can get really angry and go on wild uncontrollable rants about how much he hates people that double post, or who ask dumb questions, or who ask in the wrong section, or whatever else he wants to be angry about.

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If someone gets labled as a "Microshaft certified noob" is there a way to redeem yourself?


1) What are the requirements to become one

2) Who can label you one?

3) Can you 'volenteer' people?

Yeah, just stop doing whatever it was that pissed off the mods in the first place. Stupidly large avatars being a hot button. Its basically a way of getting someones attention that there being a n00b without banning them and in a situation where you think they'll take notice. And in a situation where me, cooper and moonlit are in agreement.

1: Basically show that your a n00b.

2: Me and Darren.

3: No. Although we do take notice of other people's responces to the person.

Probally should formalize it, so in future, we'll poll the mods, if all three of us are in agreement, you get certified. If you reform your ways, it gets removed.

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