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Serial Flash via UART - Connected VCC to VDD

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Good evening.

I've been tinkering with a mark IV Wifi Pineapple. I recently went to upgrade and the upgrade failed. I waited a half hour and couldn't do anything. I tried power cycling it and found that it was bricked.


I went to follow the instructions on the main wifipineapple.com site at the link above. That specific page didn't mention that you shouldn't connect VCC to VDD when trying to serial flash it. I made the connection. When I powered the device up, I had console. Then the device went entirely dead.

Anyone with hardware experience know what to do? Is there a fuse or resistor in the path that can be replaced with some soldering or did I fry a chip? I'm hoping I can salvage this device.

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The flashing page tells you nothing about how to connect it, so if it was connected wrong I am sorry to say but it seems like your fried your device. Nothing you can unsolder / resolder to fix it, if it booted for a little, I'm guessing you fried the AR9331.

I'll update the flashing page on wifipineapple.com soon. The page is getting a small overhaul asap anyway.

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