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KDE or Gnome, or something else!!


What graphical environment do you prefer?  

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    • Gnome
    • KDE
    • Fluxbox
    • None!! I prefer the command line!!!
    • Other

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i change my desktop all of the time, mostly depending on my mood.

For the most part GNOME is my favourite.

KDE is annoying.

XFCE is my favourite of the lightweight desktops though, even though it's perhaps not quite that minimalistic

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Yeah, i started with KDE so i kinda stick with it. Its a little heavy but it does the job and i've come to rely on a lot of K app's.

I can't really get into gnome it just doesn't feel right.

fluxbox and blackbox are kinda neat for lite desktop's but no good for my main box as i need loads of kde lib's to run alot of the programmes i use and it ends up nearly as heavy as the kde and alot more crash prone.

but these days i don't bother with X on my other boxes its easier to get remote shell than remote desktop and faster too.

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they all have there advantages, I like gnome as a desktop, fluxbox, on live cd's and slower desktops, and of course CLI on my servers, but even when I am using a GUI on linux, I find myself using CLI to do even the simpliest tasks.

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Where is the Windows option? :D

But when I use linux I prefer to use something that is as minimal as possible like fluxbox. But when being realistic it just gets too annoying to use something that isn't either Gnome or KDE.

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