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Hi guys,

I'm a newbie and basically thought I'd introduce myself and ask a few simple questions. :)

I'm an apprentice IT Technician / Network Admin but I'm very interested in network and computer security / hacking and all other interesting stuff that get's mentioned on Hak5. I've been loitering around for a while and reading some threads and realizing just how much I have to learn. Which is where you come in, is there any good beginners guides that you would recommend reading? Or is the majority of it just Googling? I'm starting to watch the show and have learnt bits and bobs from that, so I guess that's useful too.

Any pointers would be appreciated. I know I'm a newbie but everyone's gotta start out somewhere, right?



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A good place to start is maybe getting a copy of backtrack for pentesting, then watch videos on this site. Practice is the most important part, the more you practice the better. Google your questions, and if you cant find a answer then drop a message on here. Welcome to the site!

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There is a great tutorial on how to use Metasploit on IronGeek.

It takes you through all the features and parts of it, including some live exploitation.

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Very good point Trip and I would like to emphasize the following:

Being a hacker can be a good and bad thing, it all depends on how one looks at it. Its very vital to learn and understand the meaning of a "Hacker"

People that are not so computer educated, will think of a "hacker" as someone who breaks into computer systems and cause damages, but these kind of hackers are known as Black Hat Hackers.

Their only intent is to do harm nothing else.

Grey Hats, on the other hand is the inverse of Black Hats, they do no cause harm but they simply try to infiltrate into computer systems and once infiltrated, they will provide

feedback on how the attack was performed and then on how to prevent it from occurring again.

And lastly "White Hats" also known as Ethical hackers, they only do what is good, their intentions are to make the system much safer and secure to use.

From a security point of view, you can look at them as "security researchers".

Furthermore hackers can also be seen as someone who is willing to learn and try new things. Being a hacker its not always about breaking into systems, its about gaining knowledge and expertise.

If you want to become a "True Hacker", do it right, be smart, be confident and always practice.

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Thanks for all the replies guys :)

Would BlackBuntu be worth using? I've got that as an ISO and have had a quick fiddle. Just need to find some tutorial on it. I couldn't get on the Internet or anything with BackTrack (Probably just lack of drivers).

I'll have a look into all the suggestions, thanks! :)


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I couldn't get on the Internet or anything with BackTrack (Probably just lack of drivers).

IIRC, in Backtrack 4 the networking is stopped when the OS is loaded. You can start the networking by either going into the 'K menu' > Services > Networking > Start, or by loading up a console and typing

/etc/init.d/networking start

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