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  1. Sorted it, thanks guys! While we're here, why would I be getting the error "The server responded with error: STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED (Command=162 WordCount=0)while trying to run an exploit on ms08_067_netapi? The system is Windows XP SP2 - No patches. Firewall turned off, Automatic Updates turned off. No AV. Any ideas? Cheers, TuX^
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to update Metasploit in BackTrack 5 via the command "svn up". However, I get an error message saying: "Skipped '.'" Can you help? I tried this command: $ svn co https://metasploit.com/svn/framework3/trunk/ msf3/ but that doesn't work. It says it works successfully but the msfconsole is still reporting as 200 days out of date. Do I need to install it or something? Any help would be appreciated. TuX^
  3. Excellent, cheers. How had I not worked that out? ;) TuX^
  4. Yeah, I know you have to get written permission about it. In regards to laws in the UK about it, is there anything I should be aware of? This may seem like a daft question but how do you know that my company is tech based? ... TuX^
  5. Hi guys, I was wanting to carry out a penetration test at work and just wanted to know the process of going about it. Specifically: Do I need to have any certification Who do I need to contact to get permission How do I find out about local laws about such actions etc etc. Can anybody help me with this? I must stress that I have not started doing anything other than a little research into the processes of a pen-test. I want to equip myself with as much knowledge as possible and get permission before I try and do anything. Thanks, TuX^
  6. The problem being that we have a 6 meg internet connection at work, and already are managing to max that out.. One user using Spotify isn't such a problem (other than the fact that he has disregarded our policy) but if he's allowed to do it, then surely the rest of them should be allowed? By which point we will kill our internet connection. TuX^
  7. Hi guys, When I go to the Hak5 homepage, and hover over community, it only shows the Forum button (that's fortunate!) The rest of that menu appears to hide behind the videos, happens on all the "hover over" menus :( Tested in Chrome and IE9, both with latest updates. Just wanted to post this to make you aware of the issue. Cheers, TuX^
  8. Don't get me wrong, I like to think I know my stuff as I have professional IT qualifications but it's just the experience I'm lacking :)
  9. That did offend me a little bit, to be honest. I'm only 18, only been in the job the matter of a month so obviously I haven't got an awful lot of experience.. Apologies for sounding stupid but christ, give me a break! TuX^
  10. Digip, I see where you are coming from. However, we work in an open plan office, so anything that can be seen with a screenshot, can also be seen by simply walking past him.. We have policy in place which states that if programmers are installing software that is not linked to Development (Our company designs software) then they must ask IT, aka, me and my boss. Also, I have also used LanSweeper to create a list of installed software and sent that to my manager to check what is and isn't allowed to be installed. Hope this is of some help. TuX^
  11. Weird.. I've searched his computer using Windows Search and found a Spotify application in his AppData folder, double clicked and it ran on my computer.. However, there is also a Spotify Setup application there. I think I'm just going to ask him why he has it installed and react accordingly, he could have a genuine business reason to install it. If not then I'll block it via Group Policy instead of relying on the users not to use it. Cheers for the help. TuX^
  12. Hi Infiltrator, I have remotely searched through his registry but still found nothing, can't find anything to do with Spotify anywhere but somehow it's still there! Thanks anyway, TuX^
  13. Hi guys, One of my users at work has Spotify installed on their computer (Which they shouldn't) However, when I go to pull up a list of installed software from either LanSweeper or WMIC, it isn't listed! Does anyone know of a way to hide the software from Add/Remove Programs etc? I know it's there because I take random screenshots and it is showing in the taskbar as running.. Any help would be appreciated, TuX^
  14. We use osTicket at work. It's really easy to use and has some great features. I can't say it's basic because it is fully customizable through PHP and the SQL backend.
  15. Finally started studying for Network+..

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