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what should i do now?


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Metatron: Do you have a link to a good tutorial on debian? You seem to pimp it alot around here and my interest has been piqued.

It will run on nearly anything, and is very clean.



The thing I like about Debian is it can be as light or as bloated as you like. I can run it on a P2 Laptop with 32MB of ram or a quad AMD server with 32GB of ram and it will run well on both with no problems (run Fluxbox if you’re on a P2).

It makes a great desktop or server OS and I would recommend it to anyone.

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Ubuntu is debian, VaKo, incase you didn't know. I have had succes with it. Debian is great (apt-get repositories are great)

Ubuntu is not Debian, it is based on it.

* Adamantix


* BenHur

* Corel Linux

* Debian JP

* DemoLinux

* Demudi

* Embedded Debian

* ESware Linux

* Euronode

* Floppix

* Gibraltar


* Impi Linux

* Kanotix


* Libranet

* Linspire

* Linex

* Linuxin

* Linux-YeS

* Linux Router Project


* M.N.I.S. Linux

* Morphix

* PingOO

* Progeny Linux

* Prosa


* Stonegate

* Stormix Technologies' Storm Linux.

* TelemetryBox

* Xandros.

Are all based on Debian.

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CentOS is a great thing if you ever need to impliment software just written for RHEL, there was whitebox before it, but yeah :) serves a perpose, debian is still MUCH more customizeable in my experience.

I use CentOS just for the GFS and Cluster services support.

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