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Hd Making Weird Noises ...


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i've had 3 power cuts this week and am convinced they've damaged one of my hard disks

.... it seems to be clicking a little louder than normal ?

should i write a letter of complaint ?

*ftw i already have all my data backed up

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Backup up everything and restore it to a new drive. It will fail more and more and eventually be no good. Do it sooner than later, not worth keeping. Just be sure to destroy the platters if you decide to throw it away.

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Some people would probably disagree with me, but an UPS should never be disregarded.

Whether you live in neighborhood where the power grid is stable or not UPS is always a must.

Now going back to your post, I would not wait any longer, back up all your data and replace that HDD

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i have 2 UPS units in my shed lol but they're broken :(

I've had my ups now for almost 2 years and it only broke once. I was lucky it was still under warranty.

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