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So Deep Nine, a filter to block certain websites such as FACEBOOK!!! I need to get past at my school, I know how to get local and network based admin access but the deep nine is based on a separate server which i have no access to. I also know that deep nine only work on port 80 (I know, your saying just use a proxy in your web browser) but its not that simple. Whenever I switch the proxy to port 8080, 3128, ect.. The pages will not load at all. SO help me, is there a secondary software stopping the browser from loading different ports or what? Please help :)

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Guest Deleted_Account
we dont have wifi, i can figure it out myself thanks, some hackers are so useless

Some kids are so annoying and, for lack of a better word, "preppy" and believe everything should be given to them. Google exists for a reason. These kids should use it. LINKY

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some kids are stupidly bored and can't wait until they get home to facebook. It is afterall, only a few short hours.

Facebook is a huge waste of time, people should invest their time into something that is beneficial for them or the society around them.

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