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What Should I Do With 3 Usb Microphones?


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A podcast show would be nice. What type of microphones are they?

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bug your neighbours :)

Not a bad idea, I could catch my neighbors daughter in action.

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lol would be a good idea if your neighbours were criminal masterminds hell bent on world domination ! (mahahahaaha)

or fun exercise to prove you could do it if ever needed @ a later date ;)

sound activated recording prog ? would be a nice tool to program although i bet there are such programs already floating about

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hmm, these all sound like good ideas. I was thinking of the triangulation idea, but I don't know what practical purpose I could use it for. Too bad my neighbors wouldn't be of too much use for this project. the one house next to me has been bank owned and vacant for the past year(the bank doesn't have it listed on the market) and my other neighbor is single, middle aged, no pets, and is rarely home.

BTW the microphones are all Logitech m/n e-ur20 microphones. They are pretty generic, and seem to fit in a large sized mic holder(like the ones designed for cordless microphones)

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